28 Jul 2018

Sylvie invited me round to hers on Thursday afternoon. I had a shower and a shave before hand in preparation and then walked the 10 minutes to reach her house. There was no answer at the door, so I went round the side and through the gate. I could hear some moans as I reached the terrace and then as I reached the pool I saw her and heard her even louder. She was on her back on a lounger, legs in the air, being pounded by a tanned 50 something-year old. She was enjoying it and my cock hardened at the sight. I started stripping and was naked by the time I reached them. They kept fucking so there was nothing for it but to take my cock in my hand and wank it hard as I stood over the lounger. The guy reached forward with his mouth and sucked and licked, while Sylvie reached an orgasm. It wasn’t long before I was ready to shoot. Over my chest she said. So as the other guy pumped her full, I let fly over her chest. What a delicious sight! Once he had pulled out, Sylvie asked me to lick her clean. I did it gladly as I love the taste of cum. It turns out that the other guy is just the gardener and Sylvie’s husband will be home on Saturday and I have been invited round for dinner!