Written by beefburger

28 Mar 2008

Sarah my wife has had her way now for 15 weeks now,she tells me every think that has happened to her when she comes home from her dirty nights out.first she got fucked by Dennis .then she got done by Danny who goes to her local gym. she was taken to his flat and was had all over the house and was taken to the kitchen were she was fucked next to the window were his next door neighbour was washing up. he watched as she was fucked and gave Danny the thumbs up when he finished.then Danny introduced him to 3 of his black mates who over the course of the day fucked her senseless,they sent her home with lovebites over her body and titsspunk in her hair and minus clothes. her last episode involves 2 old men that she met at the bingo hall where she goes. tony and keith. she was taken back to tony's flat and quickly was romoved of all her clothes she said the place stunk of ciggy smoke. the two of them took turns to fuck her both coming inside her. they had bad breath and had bad B O.but the feeling she got from been used out way the smell of the flat. she also said that they were well hung and they toke it in turns to lick her out .they sent her home to me knowing that i can't get an erection due to my illness. I have just bathed her and am putting this on S.H.as i'm exited at the prospect of her going out again Saturday night down to the Broadway pub.the local lads better be on there guard as i've created a monster....