Written by lovsumoldies

7 Mar 2012

About 6 months ago I was browsing a well known dating site and as usual I was being given the brush off by most of the women on there. I was wondering why they actually bothered. About to leave the site I saw a woman online, her name was Eva and she was 'mature' in her words not mine. I tentively said hello and we began to talk, she told me she was actually 74ish with a giggle and like myself bored with the contact's and efforts made by the people on this site. I made my move and said that if she was willing to take a chance then how about a meet, she said why not. We arranged for me to visit her at her cottage, she was confident and happy that all would be safe. Three days later I promptly arrived flowers and a bottle of red, the site that I was greeted with just made me loose my breath. Eva was about 5' tall, she was wearing high heels and a low cut red dress, her hair was up in a bun and she spoke very very well 'posh'... she was stunning. She gave me peck on the cheek and said in her word 'a young man' I'm 52 so I guess I was lol. We sat on the settee and the wine flowed, soon we were on bottle no 2. As we spoke I kept looking at this amazing looking woman, perfect painted red nails, red lipstick, slim and the largest boobs on a woman that age I'd seen for ages. Eva told me she was widow some 5 years, and had worked as a theatre producer and model in her early years. We were giving each other compliments and I just said very brazenly were those stocking or tights she had on, the older woman preffrering in my experience to stick with stockings. Eva stood stood up a bit shakily (the wine) and slowley bent down giving me a veiw of her ample bosom, she slowly lifted her dress to reveal stockings and suspenders. My heart just raced I was lost for words, I reached out and ran my hand over them, Eva said nothing. Being brave I moved my hand up her leg looking at her to see her reaction, she just smiled. I gently felt the inside of her slim skinny thighs and rubbed my index finger against her boney cunt. Feeling brave and getting the feeling that she was happy for me to do so, I gently pulled her panties to one side pulling one of her lips as well, I gently slipped a finger into her moist bald vagina. My cock was nearly bursting in my trousers, Eva moaned and opened her legs further. I stood up and undid her dress and it feel to the ground, undoing her bra her heavy breasts fell on her flat stomach, the long pink nipples pointed down. I went onto my kness and began to suck on her boobs really hard and rough, I chewed and pulled her big breasts and squeezed them. I continued to finger her wet bald cunt pushing 2 then 3 fingers in. Eva just moaned and said she was coming and with a littel shudder I felt her orgasm and her vagina tightened. Eva looked at me and said it was my turn, she sipped some more wine and knelt in front of me. Eva undid my flies and lowered my trousers and boxers to the floor, I was fucking rock hard and my 8' stood up like flag pole, the big red/mauve head was ooozing pre-cum. Eva took the end in her mouth and sucked hard whilst looking up at me, her wrinkly red lips strained as I slid more of my cock into her mouth, I fucked her face slowly and she cupped and squeezed my tight ball sack. My breathing got faster and I could feel my prostate tightening, the feeling of my oock in her warm mouth was too much. I told her I was coming and slowly jeked my thick seman into her mouth, 3 long spurts followed by a few slow oozes of cum, Eva just continued to slowly wank me as I jerked and emptied my balls. I stood there for what seemed like ages as she continued to gently suck and lick my semi flacid cock, looking at me all the time, still squeezing my balls and leaving her red lipstick on my cock. The day had only just started and what a day, we enjoyed each other till we or 'me' were sore. To find out how her tight bald pink vagina felt and tasted ......... watch this space. This is a true storey people.