Written by Lynd7635

16 Mar 2010

After our latest visit to Abfab I think I should relate the details to the readers.for those who haven't read an account before ,Ronnie my wife is 47 years old and slim about a size 8 ,small breasts and is very petite with a lovely little arse and great legs,brown hair.You can see her pictures on this site.She dresses to please and shave completely.

We go to Abfab on Fridays to meet single guys and if Ronnie picks one out I approach them and ask them if they will join us in a room for some fun.Now Ronnie is a school teacher and comes across a little bit snooty and posh.She likes these events away from where we live and behind closed doors with selected guys.

That night she wore a tight fitted blouse in black and a grey tight short skirt,underneath a black wide suspender belt and a tiny little see-thru white thong,flesh cloured stockings with a black seem and a black balcony bra,he shoes were two tone black and white heels

We arrived at the club around 10.30pm and at reception there were three asian guys booking in ,we waited for sometime then got in the club.We did the usual rounds and Ronnie got plenty of looks from the single guys there.

At one point a regular guy came over he's about 60yrs and commented on how posh and well dressed Ronnie was and said Can you be naughty she replied 'Yes sometimes' with a cheeky grin.I said you want to see what she has on underneath and I pulled up her skirt and exposed he shaven cunt hidden under her wet white thong.

The guy reached down and slide his finger along the side of her thong I also reached down and pulled it to one side and said feel how wet it is and he slide his finger in.Ronnie lent against me and put her headon my shoulder as he moved his finger in and out with Ronnie moaning in my ear.He then took out his finger and offered it to her mouth which she then licked his finger.

The chap then invited us to a room but Ronnie declined Later she said she didn't mind giving him a thrill but h e was two old.

I noticed during this a young well dressed Asain guy watching and he smiled as we looked over and Ronnie smilled at him.He was a small guy and very slight build but Ronnie found him attractive but wanted to scope around a bit first to see if any think else took her fancy.

To cut a long story short we had a few drinks and walked round a bit and down to the fetish area at the back.On our return to the main house as we walked in we passed the Young Asian guy;his name was shar on a couch and we decided to sit opposite him .As we sat there Ronnie was showing off her stocking tops and opening her legs as we kissed and I fingered her pussy.I could see she was maintaining eye contact with the guy as we did so.Just to explain that Ronnie has a way with her eyes that can be doe like and sexy .

As we sat there and being watched by Shar I was whispering in to Ronnie's ear and say you wnk to fuck him don't you you horny little bitch and she was responding by rocking on my finger and getting wetter and wetter.I said I'm going to ask him to join us in a room and she replied 'Yes please do'I got up and lent down to Shar and said Hi do you want to join us in a room for some fun.He said yeah sure.

I went over to Ronnie and held her hand and we walked to the room followed by Shar.Ronnie did her usual sexy wiggle as we walked and she lookedaroun at Shar following behind and gave that look and smile.This sent me crazy my cock was so hard and I couldn't wait to get started.

As we entered the room I sat Ronnie on the edge of the bed and went and locked the door.As I turned round Ronnie was already on her feet and snogging Shar ,he hand his hand on her arse and she was rubbing his cock thru his trouser.I decided to just stand and watch whilst wanking .Shaa unbuttoned her blouse and had one of her tiny breasts out and was sucking her red hot hard nipple.Ronnie then sat on the side of the bed and unzipped Shar's trousers and released his cock,now for a small guy his cock was a very good size 10" full of blood and veiny and rock hard.Ronnie at this point glanced up at me and smiled and swollwed as she took it in her mouth.Shar started to fuck her mouth and Roniie was taking the whole lenght and then slowly drawing it out and licking up and down the shaft.As she was doing this her legs were completely apart on the side of the bed ,her skirt completely up around her waist and showing her suspenders ,stockings and white wet thong.Shar saw this and knelt in froht of her and started to lick her shaven pussy,as she squirmed on his tongue.I moved forward and offered my cock to my wifes eager mouth and she started to suck me long and hard.

Ronnie was looking so hot with a guy between her legs and her legs in the air in full stockings and her heels rythmicly moving back and forth.

Shar now stood up and his full strength cock in front of Ronnie's wet pussy.She reached down and pulled her thing to one side and I watched intently as Shar guided his cock inch by inch into her wet pussy.I noticed that he didn't have on a condom and this didn't seem to bother Ronnie.As he got his full length in to her she started to moan and scream .Then for a teacher her words were complete filth,she was saying' Fuck me Shar let my husband she your lovely hard cock fuck me hard'and 'fuck me I want your come'

He was right on top of her now his arse pumping up and down,her stocking clad legs wrapped around and her heels knocking together with each thrust.I was wanking like mad,watching this sight of my now hoare wife fucking .

Shar was snogging her and taking gasps of breath and allowing Ronnie to scream obsenities which spurred him on .I could see he was close to coming and his arse tensed and I could she the way Ronnie was moving her hips he was coming inside her.He then withdrew and continue to spunk in Ronnie's mouth and she took it all and licked it clead.

Shar then zipped up his trouser and left the room.I immediately started to lick Ronnies spunk filled cunt and she sked me to lick it clean,The taste of her juices and spunked mixed was great. I then eased my cock into her spunky cunt and started to fuck her hard and snog her spunk filled mouth.It wasn't long before I came inside Ronnie .I got up and looked at her red swollen cunt oozing spunk.

I said Did you enjoy that and in her sexy smile and look I got the answer