Written by lucky husband

8 Jan 2015

January is a hangover of a month after all the hype around Christmas, the parties, New Year etc. It is sometimes a little hard to come to terms with the let down of the return to work.

However my wife took a new job and came back on the first day with a smile on her face that I knew something had gone on. She is fifty two and very sexy with a body she has looked after in all ways. We are sexually active and I am always told of her little adventures when she is a naughty girl for people she likes.

Last Monday was no exception. The business she had been interviewed some days before the seasonal break had wanted someone to organise the chaotic filing system for a team of tradesmen, plumbers, joiners, brickies etc. The guy running the business was highly capable when arranging work schedules and on site planning but hadn't a clue when invoices arrived for timber, bricks, and trade requirements. In short he was desperate. Liz had met him in our local and got chatting. We had known him and used him ourselves for the odd job, a bit of roofing and some new windows so it was no surprise that he spoke with him while I was keeping an eye on the football whilst chatting in a different group.

On our way home Liz said that Rod was a nice guy but was in danger of losing his business if he didn't get straightened out in the office and he had offered her the job. I thought it was a good way for her to earn a few quid and meet other people, she had grinned at me and said she knew what I was thinking and said she liked Rod and he had been looking at her tits in her scooped top.

I thought little of it until he saw her again and asked if she was serious about fixing his paperwork, he invited her to his office and she saw the piles of invoices and a filing system almost out of control.

It was agreed that he would give her a trial straight after the Christmas break and she began this Monday, (5th Jan).

Shortly after six she came back in through the door and gave me a big kiss, I could smell and taste spunk on her lips and in her mouth. 'Been naughty?'I asked, 'Yes' came her reply. She ledme to the bedroom and sat me on the bed and then stripped off her clothes showing a very excited body, her nipples still very hard and her inner thighs reddened from recent activity.

'Rod has fucked me' she said as she came to the edge of the bed, her sexy musky smell was all the evidence I required. She told me they had begun the task of getting the work done but by lunchtime he admitted he had a thing for her, she had noticed a bulge in his trousers and was wondering how long it would be before she got some action. She suggested they went to a nearby pub for lunch and a chat and over the glass of wine and sandwich, they grew a little closer, his hand on her knee, a light kiss and a cuddle.

They got back to the office and locked the door, leaving the back in half an hour sign showing and he led her upstairs to a small store room next to the boiler and central heating system. Here they kissed a lot more and fumbled around, Liz losing her clothes and revealing her size twelve figure and the lacy bra and matching thong which was very soon on a chair, they were now naked together, his cock erect and as she told me, very tasty with a drip of pre cum ready for her to savour. Their first union was apparently quite quick, the tension mounted and his desire to fuck her overruled any prolonged foreplay. He bent her over and took her from behind as she leaned over the chair and she said how nice his cock felt.

It was fast and furious and when he came, she buckled at her knees with the sheer energy and force of his eruption. He gasped and shot a lot of come into her pussy as she urged him to fill her with his lovely spunk. There followed a short silence where the speed of what had happened occurred to them both. Liz put him at ease by smiling and saying that she hoped he would last a bit longer next time, breaking the ice for good.

That afternoon was interspersed with kissing and cuddling and a gradual improvement in the state of the office. He asked if she would be back the next day and she smiled and said he would have trouble keeping her away if his relations with his staff had so many benefits. Rod is just thirty six so she is sixteen years his senior, but he said he loves more mature ladies as they can mix good business sense with a balance of fun and loads of experience. He asked if she might wear sexy clothes for work like stockings and suspenders. She agreed but said it would not be every day, they needed to get the place right so her prime job was to get on top of the workload, and then get on top of him and make his day any way he liked, as long as it involved them enjoying sex.

What a nice relationship. She has worked each day this week so far and she says that so far the filing is about fifty per cent done and she is one hundred per cent satisfied. I will expand later when I have more time, but can assure you she is getting well fucked regularly by her new boss