20 Jun 2016

I see are postman name dave nearly all the time he is fit bloke bit muscling build. We always say hi and have a chat . Will on this day was hot ive been down  the gym so when got home just missed the postman dave. i thought right time for a shower. Standing having nice warm water pounding on my naked body soaping down while getting rise off... the door bell rang i jumped out the shower shout down be there in a minute a  voice shout bk ok. I thought sure thats daves voice. Put a towel round me and went open the door i poked my head round the door it was dave I've got a parcel for you to sign. Come in quick and closed the door. Trying to hold the towel and signing the parcel at same time. The towel slipped off i stood there completely naked i dropped everthng to grab the towel back up... dave laughed thats the first welcome i ever had and i like what i see we both bent down to pick everything back up towel fell off again has he was giving me  back the parcel the off his hand touch my breast wow they felt nice cheecky git grab the other breast i didn't know to pick the towel up or leave it! Before i knew it  he grab with both hands .. i looked into david eyes to say stop we just looked at each other are lips ment while david hands still on my breast. He moved one hand and place it back my head his fingers just touching my ear. Gently stroking my ear and rubbing my tit are tongues flicking each other it sent a chiver down my spine. Placing my hands on david butt cheek pull him closer.. i grab his teashit pulled off him undid his shorts there fell to the floor I but my hand on his dick started to rubb it gently. Are mouths locked together both his hands move to back off my neck tips of his fingers slowly circling working way down my back has he got to arse cheeks grab them dug fingers in made me left up onto my toes i felt my juices trickled down my leg. Moved hands back up onto my shoulders push me down to my knees i was in contact with huge fat dick. with one  hand on my head other holding his dick he gently forced in to my mouth. Slide mouth half way down back up was that fat couldn't get alway. Sucking head making it moist grab my hair forced my head all the way down.. i had this huge fat dick all the with him tugging my hair help move up and on his shaft. My pussy dripping with experiment and pounding. David lifted me up of the floor sat me on the stairs. He slide he's hands up my thigh gently touched tip of my clit started to rubb his fingers around it teasing me with pleasure. O my god i scream with pleasure and come . I felt the top off his finger going into my pussy nice and slowly. Then grab my hair pulled head one side started ramming is finger right in out harder each time climaxing each time pushed in faster and harder pulling my hair at sametime fuck me this is crazy i thought. David pulled his fingers out at this time pussy was truly soaked sept was wet with all the juices. He turned me around all fours with the tip off his dick was rubbing my pussy. All i wanted for him to to shove it in no just kept on teasing me.. he put my hair into a pony tail pulled it once again head tilted bk with no warning he rummed that big fat cock right in i moaned so load. Held it there for a second. Slowly pulled out rummed it back in was doing this each thrust was getting harder and faster my juices where flowing out running down my thighs again. again harder and faster he pulled my hair called me a slut rummed his dick so hard i clamax and squarted over his fat cock same time i felt his come right inside off me he pulled out never i see so much come running down my legs floor was soaked. got up cleaned are self david turn around said I've been waiting to fuck you I'm glad he did never be fucked like that before. He left was seating down all i was doing was coming over and over lasted all day . Could not stop thinking of what  happen even til this day everytime i see him or think of him my pussy starts pounding then climax off cause we still meet up X