Written by businessfuck

9 Aug 2010

I am a very travelled business man and have clocked up many lonely nights in airport hotels. I usually check in late, have a meal, glass of wine and in bed for an early flight to the Far East. My favourite hotel been the Hilton at the London Heathrow. I ran an export and import business in bespoke furniture for some wealthy clients.

This all joined a few weeks back. Upon checking in I settled in at the bar lounge with large glass of wine and a few canap├ęs.

Composite me sat a very sophisticated looking lady drinking some champagne. We exchanged hellos. I was on the Ipad checking emails and invoices while sipping the wine . For some reason I couldn't keep my eyes of this lady. She had a very short black dress, lovely long toned legs and with a V neck exposed boobs.

She said' do u mind if I join you '. I finished my emails off and sat next to her and ordered another round. We got talking, she was HR manager for a large pharmaceutical company and was attending a training tomorrow at the hotel. She was 45, recently divorced and enjoying the single life. She was 10 years older than me but looked much younger. The 2nd glass soon finished so I ordered the finest bottle.

needed a cigarette I excused myself but she smoked too and joined outside. As we stood up and walked we accidentally touched each other with my hand on her waist. She felt really nice all toned up. While smoking our hands were flirty with each other and we both managed a good feel of each other.

We continued to chat, have a laugh and the bottle soon finished. She insisted on a few shots. I like my vodka and she her gin. I got very merry and horny with a gorgeous woman on my side. She was clearly tipsy and her hands were touching me at every opportunity.

I explained I need to hit the sack for my early flight.She looked disappointed and said why don't we have night cap at yours.

We left and upon entering my room, I ordered room service for another vodka and Gin. As soon we sat on the bed, she turned around and we caught each other and had a very long snog. She was very experienced and rolled her long tongue inside my mouth ad down my throat. My hands were all over her breasts, sneezing and pinching her erect nipples. She was moaning with pleasure with every squeeze. She ripped open my shirt exposing a very shaven chest full of muscles. She ribbed her long hands and nails along the length of my chest, unbuttoned my jeans exposing a throbbing cock. I unzipped her dress, she had the smallest tong and bra which I quickly ripped off. She had the most gorgeous body all tanned and firm. We were both naked and extremely horny. We ended up in a 69. I was licking her cute shaven wet pussy and she was wanking me while sucking and biting my balls. Her juices were all over my tongue.

She wanted to be fucked, so I moved on top, easily entered her deep and started a very fast rhythm fucking her. She wanted it deep, so I raised her long legs onto my shoulder and started to fuck her and deep. She wanted to be fucked harder, , my speed increased, her nails were digging deep in my back. Her busy was so wet and my cock so hard it didn't take long before we both came within a few seconds of each . She screamed with pleasure.

Our pleasure was interrupted by room service. We sat next to each sipping our refreshing drinks.

It was long before i was hard again and this the fucking was much longer with her riding me at her pace. We fucked all night and I managed to get a couple hours of sleep . She joined me in the shower for our final fuck, dogging style before I departed for my flight.