Written by Giles

19 Sep 2015

My college sweetheart Anne never tired of the twice weekly discos but her love of dancing ran deep in her veins and she needed more. Anne stopped me one day in the college corridor. She looked excited and said that she needed to talk to me about something  important. Moggy, one of her her pals from Sale

had rung the College office and Anne had spoken with him.  Moggy  was a part time D.J. and he wondered if Anne would consider dancing at one of his bookings. He remembered how good Anne was at dancing and he had been looking for a female dancer who could dance alone to get others up onto the dance floor. I thought it was sweet of her to share this with me and gave her my blessings even though I was a little jealous. "Are you sure you don't mind..."she asked me.

"When will you go?"

"I could go on Friday, stay at Mum and Dads. Moggy has a booking in Manchester on Saturday".

"Who is he? Did you go out with him or something?"

"Look here, he's just a mate, one of the gang that's all and no, I was never with him so don't worry".

.........I worried, I worried a lot but I didn't tell her.

Anne got the train back on Sunday but we never met up until later in the following week when our paths crossed in the  Union coffee bar.

She said it had gone really well and the night club owner was really happy with Anne's  performance and had taken lots of photos of her dancing. He had told her that he might use the shots for advertising his club and Anne was thrilled.

About a week later Anne received a letter inviting her to audition for a modelling contract at a studio in Manchester. She was in her element now and there was no stopping her, even if I tried which I didn't. 

The following Monday afternoonI found myself carrying her bag to the railway station to get the five thirty train. On the platform I held her close, kissed her waved her off. In her jeans and plimsoles she looked like any other student but inside, Anne told me later that she felt like movie star. 

When she returned  the following evening I was there on the platform to meet her. I had expected her to be jubilant but she was withdrawn and hardly said a word to me. When we got back to Hall she broke down and cried.

"What's the matter Anne? Did you not pass the audition then?"

"It's not that... the photographer said he'd let me know".

"So what's the tears for?"

" Look something happened ?.. .I didn't mean it to... it just happened.

I told her that she was not making sense and to sit down and tell me all. She'd stopped crying by then but she was clearly still worried.

"The audition at the studio went really well and I was feeling confident. I'd been into 'make up' and the photographer, James took loads of photos of me in some super clothes and..." she stopped her recount and looked at me and cried.

"Go on" I said.

"James asked me to come back with him to his private  studio for some more specialised shots. I trusted him ...he seemed so professional. When we got there he gave me a dancing skirt and top to change into. He then asked me to dance and he snapped away. At the end of the track I was resting on a stool and I could him looking at me. He told me that it was obvious that the dancing had made me aroused and that was a good thing and that it happened to many of his girls. I asked him how it was that he knew the dancing was turning me on and he said that I had a damp patch on my pants. I was so embarrassed...I cried and cried... he put his arm around me and then..."

"Go on". I could see where this was going.

"He touched me darling, he touched me!" 

"Did you sleep with him Anne?"

"No I bloody well didn't. I told him to stop and that I I wanted to leave. I collected my stuff and walked out and that was it."

I cuddled her and said he was obviously a rogue and she had done the right thing. Anne relaxed then and got on with a translation that had to be in the following day.

"Thanks for being so understanding darling. What would I do without you?"

I left then and went home but I still had a feeling that the whole truth had not come out. A translation would not have stopped Anne making love to me. She was covering something up.

Later that term Anne got a letter from James' secretary. She said that James had been really impressed with Anne and requested a further meeting to review the prints. The secretary went on to explain that  James had another client to see in Wrexham and he could visit her at College at a mutually agreeable time and date. A week later James arrived in his sports car  at my  flat. Anne had  agreed to meet him at my place for her own protection. He was nothing like I had imagined. James had long black hair,tied back  and was slim but with a good physique. He had thin goaty beard and I thought he looked a ponce. Anne would never fancy him I told myself! I made  James a coffee and he asked if I could give them  some  privacy so they could  review the prints. The only room we had which I had that was tidy was the bedroom and he said that would do fine as he needed space to spread out the prints for selection. I could see that Anne was very reluctant after what had happened at his his studio and I was too. (to say the least!) I reassured her and Anne, after another  coffee finally agreed. "I'll go up with him if that's what you want." She said it in her broad  Manchester accent.  With a tear in her eye, Anne pressed he lips together tightly and went off to tell him. 

James came downstairs soon after and said he needed to retake some shots and asked me if that was ok. I said it was but told him that I was aware of what happened in  Manchester and I did not want any repeats as Anne had been so upset with his improper conduct.  A confused expression came across James' face but he said "Ok no worries".

It seemed that they'd been up there ages (in fact it has only been a half hour) I thought I'd take them up another coffee just so I could check Anne was ok. 

Anne was on the bed naked, her hair tied in a pony tail , kneeling with her hands on her thighs and her lovely white breasts hanging down in front of her. Anne's pink nipples were sticking out so far you could have hung your coat on them! And That is what I said to her and laughed.  Anne looked at me daggers and snarled "Yeah thanks a lot!" James smoothed it over and thanked me for the coffee saying that he was nearly finished so I left him to it. An hour went by and I was pissed off by that time so I went upstairs  again. I could not believe what I saw. Anne had James' cock in her mouth and he was still taking photos! "Just in time - can you encourage Anne to look up? I want to see those big eyes." I did what he asked, not wanting to upset Anne again. She started to giggle at my efforts and she asked me to go. I made  to leave but James stopped me and told me to touch Anne from the back between her legs.

"I want her to be nice and wet for the next shot". I was shaking, I couldn't believe that this was happening. Nevertheless I did as he said but her fanny was very wet already. I put one, two then three fingers inside her and Anne said "Please Sweety - let me!"  "Ok sure" I blagged. Anne turned around for him and put her elbows on the bed and her bottom up and waggled it from side to  side. Anne smiled at me as James fiddled to put the camera  down and plunged his cock inside her. He grabbed her pony tail with one hand and slapped her bum with the other. After a dozen or so strokes Anne climaxed. James slapped her bum again but much harder this time and Anne yelped. "My turn you bitch ! Holding her ankles  he flipped Anne over and put her legs on his shoulders. "Improper conduct eh? Well here's some more!" Confused by what he said, Anne looked at me. " I told him darling, I had to". Anne pursed  her lips and shook her head slowly at me. She  looked into James' eyes and smiled saying "Go on...give it to me! He don't care." James groaned and came heavily inside her. He took   Anne' s legs off and threw them aside like an unwanted scarf. They  both laid back exhausted. I passed Anne a tissue but James said "No wait I need to take cum shots you bastard ... why the fuck do you think I'm here? " He grabbed his camera and snapped  a few shot as his cum was dribbling through her swollen lips.  "You're so juicy Anne ... Well done!" Anne beamed a smile directly into his eyes. 

When James was carrying his camera equipment  through the front door Anne reached across and smacked his bum. "You're the juicy one Jim, phone me when you're home." She had said it out loud so I could hear it. Anne shut the door and winked at me. She put her hand on her fanny as if she could still feel his juices and said  "Come on up I can see you're gagging for it". I ripped off her clothes and meaning to shaft her where she stood. 

Anne's silky wet fanny sucked me in and she looked back at me.

"Stick it in me "

I already had but Anne couldn't  feel me.

There was no guilt trip from Anne this time. We made up our spat by making passionate love in bed that night and she mentioned no more about it.  "It" had been a  first for me. I had never seen my girlfriend make love in front of me before. I did not know that this type of thing would be repeated over and over again. For me Anne doing it with James had been more shocking than arousing. The major regret that I have now is that I did not say it at the time.  That Anne was wrong. I did not say I did , I did care a lot.

I met Annes's best friend Jill later that week in the college library. Jill was a tight-waisted, winky-eyed and the conceited smile  made it obvious.  Jill knew what had happened. I could see in Jill's eyes that she wanted to say something. "You know about the photos don't you Jill?" 

I was hurt that Anne had told her. 

Jill looked down and blinked. "I know about Juicy Jim if that's what you mean!"