Written by M.T.

12 Jul 2007

My wife Dee gave birth to our first child a few days ago, both are fine and healthy. During the pregnancy, like most women, Dee had cravings. One was for egg custard, something she would not normally eat, the other was cock. Morning noon and night, and I was dead tired. I would even fit in the odd lunch time. One day a friend, Simon, told me how tired I looked and I confided in him. He offered to help out but I thought he was joking as surely no one would fancy some one Else\'s wife while she was carrying. Simon reckons the whole life producing thing is even more attractive and a friend of his was really into it. I told him I did not think Dee would go for it, still not really believing him, he is known to pull the odd leg now and then.

Next day, I got home from work and Dee was ready for sex. As I knelt in front of the sofa seeing to Dee\'s needs as she sat back I thought of Simon\'s offer. I figured now was a good time to mention it as I was less likely to get a thick ear for my trouble. You could have knocked me down with a feather when Dee said, \"Well call him then. Now!\" I was a bit stunned and Dee said \"Don\'t stop, call him!\" She leaned over to grab her bag and passed me her mobile, so I called him, still stunned and still fucking Dee. I brought him up to speed and he reckoned I was winding him up so as I said \"No honestly Dee says to get over here now\" Dee shouted \"Simon get over here, Now!\"

When Simon arrived twenty minutes later Dee was upstairs in bed waiting for him. He did not believe me so I called up to Dee and she came to the top of the stairs naked and said, \"Offer expires in thirty seconds Simon!\" I think it took twenty for him to get up the stairs and naked. He started to stroke Dee\'s swollen belly and play with her nipples but she told him to \"Fuck me now for crying out loud, Tim did the fore play earlier!\" So there he was, fucking my pregnant wife for all he was worth while I looked on with a growing hard on. No one thought of condoms, Simon came after a few minutes having brought Dee off twice, I took over and we came together and Dee told Simon to fuck her doggy or he would never have her again. I cannot describe how wonderful the sight was.

Later, we had dinner and talked. Simon brought up his friend Stuart, and Dee and I decided bring him in on the deal.

Two days later I got home from work and was fucking Dee in bed when she told me Simon and Stuart had been round early that afternoon. She had called Simon to come round and left the door on the latch. Dee was on the sofa in her robe when they arrived and Dee was surprised as no mention of Stuart was made. Simon introduced them and said he was with Stuart when she called so brought him along.

Dee sucked Simon while Stuart undressed and the Stuart licked Dee while Simon undressed and the n they all went upstairs. As I fucked Dee that evening she told me that Stuart was great and his cock was very think and quite long and she came a lot with him. Both Simon and Stuart had fucked her doggy, Stuart once and Simon twice, and Stuart had had her on her back once. Telling me this just brought me off all the quicker.

It was not until the next day that I met Stuart. Dee called me as I left work to tell me Stuart would be there when I got home. I could here the sounds from upstairs as I got in doors. I walked into the bedroom to see an overweight

balding Asian standing at the foot of the bed with his cock in my wife while she made cooing noises of pleasure in rythm with his thrusts. He took a hand from her thigh to shake mine with and introduced himself as if this was not an unusual way to meet. Dee managed a \"Hello dear\" and Stuart and I had a few polite words while I removed my clothes.

Dee came as I took hold of her breast and Stuart came shortly after, buried deep inside Dee. It was sureal as he pulled out and moved aside and I just said \"Thanks\" and moved in. Dee sucked him back to hardness as I fucked her and I could see how big he was, not porn film huge but bid enough. Stuart took Dee on her back before he left and I took her doggy again on the strength of watching them together.

And so, for several weeks, when ever Dee got horny she could call on three cocks, and I got back to my old colour and got my strength back. Dee and I were at it when she went into labour would you believe. We never did a foursome, and we have not actually spoken about what happens now, I suppose that is up to Dee.