Written by DPnewtothis

3 Apr 2012

This might not be everyone's cup of tea but I've always wanted to do this and never thought I'd get the chance!

Lisa is a 'yummy mummy' with a son at the same school as my daughter, not in the same class or year but a familiar face when I do the school pick up, probably about 30 (I didn't ask!) with tits that are a firm handful, a size 8-10 and always well dressed.

Although we'd never spoken much, other than the odd 'hello' I was out recently in our local town with my mates, my wife away at her sister's with our daughter, I wasn't going to pass up a night out! Luckily enough, this night there was a hen night in town and Lisa was one of them, her sister the bride to be!

As the title suggests, this is a pregnant story, not mine I hasten to add but Lisa is pregnant at the moment and looks stunning! I've always had a thing for pregnant women, my wife looked stunning and I always give pregnant girls a second look! I spotted Lisa's figure before I realised who it was, wearing a lovely black dress, crossed over at the front, drawing attention to her cleavage and a gorgeous big bump!

Naturally, she wasn't drinking but I had been so that makes me gorgeous doesn't it?! I'd only had a few at this point so I went over to chat. She seemed really pleased to see me and we got chatting, her sister was already in a state and Lisa said it'd been a long day! We got talking, I asked about the baby, due in less than 2 months, told her how good she looked, to which she gave me a funny look! "You do! Gorgeous!" I said, at first she didn't believe me but I managed to convince her! She then told me her husband hated the way she looked, told her she was fat and admitted the last sex she had was when she conceived!

By this time my heart was racing, I was gradually upping the flirting, letting her know of my 'liking' for pregnant women and as the night wore on I could see from her expressions that she knew what was on the table. I offered to walk her home, she said only if it were to mine as her hubby was home. We left in no time and I walked her to mine, soon indoors and made her coffee. As I handed her the cup I asked if I got a thank you? What do you want, she said? A kiss?! With that she gave me a kiss on the lips, just long enough to let me know more was on offer!

We moved into the lounge, sat beside each other on the settee when I moved in for another kiss. She responded quickly, our tongues met and we kisses passionately. My hand went for her nipples, already visible through her dress, I kissed her neck, moving down her chest and pulling out a firm juicy tit, pale skin against her dark red shoulder length hair, dark brown nipples, erect and ready for sucking.

After feasting on them I moved a hand between her legs, even her black 'granny pants' didn't put me off as they were already soaking! I slipped a couple of fingers inside her and began finger fucking, her gasps and groans driving me wild as she tamely opened her legs. I knelt on the floor, removed her pants and pulled her towards me. She apologised that her pussy wasnt yet shaved, "no point!", she said! She had beautiful bright pink lips, silky smooth and smeared with juices. My tongue loved the taste, running between her lips, darting inside then back to her clit to tease and nibble her little bud. Every time I touched her clit she shuddered, more juices escaping. She seemed to be constantly shaking and cumming, groaning and begging for my cock.

I eventually stood up, she removed my cock and eagerly sucked it, her lipstick smudged on my shaft as she sucked, her tongue working wonders. I knew I couldn't wait long so I pulled out, spread her legs and gently rubbed my cock between her lips. "Are you sure?" I asked "Are you?!" she smiled. "fuck me!!!" she pleaded and I gave her what she wanted, slowly easing inside, the sight of her big bump causing me to shut my eyes at times, she looked so beautiful. We fucked in this position for about 5 minutes before she offered to go on all fours. Even in her 'state' she managed to move easily, I slid my shaft deep into her, holding her thighs at first before risking holding her belly. "is this ok?" I asked. "YES! YES!" she shouted as I fucked harder and harder. I couldn't hold on any longer and asked where she wanted it? "in me!", "you sure?", "yes, fill me up" she said as I exploded. I tried to slow my thrusts down as I didn't want to hurt her, but I couldn't stop cumming! Eventually I pulled out and she flopped down, letting me watch my seed seep from her. It was the most beautiful sight, she looked like the perfect woman.

We met 4 more times after this, she gave birth a week ago and I saw her pushing the pram in town today. I felt jealous and a little sad as she's not pregnant now and her husband is keen to start fucking her soon so my time is probably up!

Unless she gets pregnant again!