Written by Anon

16 Jan 2008

It's just so easy to get promotion with a male boss. Two years ago i started working for an airport company as a temporary check-in agent. I enjoyed the job, and although the hours were crap, i can earn good cash and there are lots of guys to fuck.

I'm 23, 5'2", dirty blonde (thats blonde with dark streaks!)size 10, 32B etc. I love sex and love this website, i found it when checking the history on my boyfriends laptop, the dirty git ! Just wish he'd told me, i cant wait to try group sex !!

Anyway, in october, the end of the holiday season, it is time to try to get a permanent contract or face getting finished until May. So i made it my mission to find out who had the most influence.

It turned out that our training officer had a major say in who got kept on and who went, so off i went on the hunt. Simon (the trainer) had worked for the company for a while and his wife also workes for us. Shes very nice is Vicky, but a bit mumsy and boring which is why Simon always has a good look at the new girls.

At the end of season bash, i made a beeline for him and flirted outrageously, storking his arm, pushing up against him and making sure he could see my boobs and pushing them against him whenever i could. It worked and i gave him a little kiss as a thank you for all his help over the summer. He pulled away a little and said he had to be careful incase someeone told mumsey at work next day. So i said to him, come outside then and let me give you a proper kiss.

We came out of the club and walked round the side and he pushed me against the wall and we kissed. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and i was all over him. He pushed my arms down by my side and squeezed my boobs before slipping his hand inside my top and pinching my nipples.

I let him do it for a few minutes and then he slid his hand up my skirt and rubbed my pussy and slipped a finger up me. I pushed him away and said no...later, and walked back round the front of the club. I had a cigarette and then went back in the club.

Simon came over and said, my god youre naughty Sarah and you are so sexy, can we carry on later? i said maybe...i might not be that sort of girl and then walked away.

He stalked me all night and then offered me a lift home, which i accepted. Onse in his car he set off and id let me skirt slide up my legs and he couldnt take his eyes off them. At some traffic lights he slid his hand up my skirt again and pushed his finger up me. He gasped and said fuck Sarah your soaking !!

He pulled off the dual carrigeway and down a side road and pulled over. He had my boobs out in record time and i stroked his cock through his jeans. He wanted to fuck me but i said no...what about Vicky ? He just kept saying let me fuck you sarah over and over.

I bent down and released his cock and sucked it. I slurped up and down his cock faster and faster and wanked him at the same time until he couldnt hold it any more and his sperm flooded my mouth. I caught it all in my mouth and then looked at him as i swallowed ( it always turns my b/f on and it did Simon).

He'd gone all soft now so we couldnt fuck (plan worked then)so he dropped me off and went home. Next day at work he caught up with me and said whats the matter Sarah, you look fed up, and i simply said i heard we are getting laid off. He said oh well we will have to see about that wont we and then he told me how he has a big influence at contract time and hed sort it for me...BINGO !!

A week later i had a permanent contract in my hand and my boyfriend said, well done Sarah youve obviously worked hard and impressed them ! Oh yes !!

So as a thank you i let Simon fuck me upstairs at one of the departure gates !

So, after xmas the company decided that they were looking for some staff to temporary upgrade to supervisors for the ski season (Jan - April). So i asked Simon if he could help.

He said he couldnt because the dept manager always made that call. Hmmm, mission 2 !!

This task was even easier, as the dept manager was a lecherous git of about 48, and i knew he would be easy meat.I started flirting with him and when it came to interview time hed been letching at me for days and id been flirting back outrageously. My interview was on a day of so i dressed for the occasion...very secretary like. Black tight skirt above the knee, stockings, white blouse and hair and make up to perfection topped by sexy high heels.

As i walked in to his office\' i shut the door and pinged the top button of my blouse. He looked me up and down and i could see him undressing me with his eyes. He was looking at my boobs and and i just smiled at him.

I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs and flashing my boobs at him when he showed me some staff rotas on his desk. He was desperate to touch me i could just tell, and the interview flew by. At the end of it he said thank you sarah, i will be in touch. I said thank you and shook his hand, and he said be careful driving home, so i said to him well i\'m going to the bar in arrivals for a drink to calm my nerves and off i went.

Guess who arrived 10 mins later...yep you got it, the manager. He came over and bought me a drink and we sat down. He was still staring at my boobs and i said to him PLEASE give me one of the supervisors jobs, i\'m desperate for one. He said desperate for what and i smacked his knee and said dont be cheeky!

He got the message and touched my knee and massaged my thigh. I said, not here, someone might see so he said ok follow me. I was soaking wet and my pussy was throbbing as we went in to the back of the terminal and into an empty office he had the key for. The lights were off and he came over to me and started to touch my boobs. I pushed his hands away and said to him...can i have one of the supervisors jobs?? He looked at me and said oh yes, if you look after me and squeezed my boobs again before he pushed his hand up my skirt and slid his fat finger up me.

I said to him if i let you fuck me, can i have the job?..oh yes he said, so i replied, well be here tomorrow with a letter and you can..and out i walked. Next day he asked me into his office and showed me my letter and said are you still up for the deal, of course i said, and he told me to meet him in the empty office in 10 mins.

I went in and he gave me the envelope. It said congratulation on your promotion etc. So i put it in my bag and he came over and squeezed my tits and fingered me before i sucked his fat cock and i lay on my back on a table with my legs open while he fucked me, lasting only a minute before cumming up me, as he did i rubbed my clit and came while he watched me.

It was a shit shag but he was elated. I pulled my knickers up and fastened my bra and blouse and off i went, as i said thank you to him, he said thank you sarah, you could go far in this company !!

I will keep him happy and i will get a permanent Supervisors contract contract out of him in May...you watch !! So, like i said, its easy to get promotion with men as your boss, flash your tits and pussy and suck their cock every now and again and youve cracked it.

Hope you enjoyed