Written by bertie500

24 May 2015

Suddenly there's been quite a few stories from current or ex estate agents. I've been in the London property field for a decade or so, and have some experience of what's been described. I have to say that some of the stories of entire lettings agency offices all having orgies doesn't tally with anything I've experienced, but it is true that the London property industry is possibly more highly sexed than most others - think about it, a sector that routinely employs the best looking (often blonde) youngsters and places them all together in a high pressure competitive environment; it's a hormonal stew lol

In my previous career in media I hired a gorgeous 22 year old fairly posh blonde to work in my sales team. She was the daughter of a former pretty famous footballer and had been a lettings agent for a very well known agent in Notting Hill. (Think green Minis and a bad reputation.) She and I hit it off and went on a few dates; nothing major but it was fun snogging and groping her in the store room and sharing dirty msn messages. She would tell me tales of the fucking that went on in her previous job - they apparently had a code called 'keys vacant', which is what the agents would use when they wanted to borrow the keys to an empty flat in order to fuck a co-worker. I got the impression that lots of random hook-ups occurred, though not quite sex parties!

Anyway, my own experience happened about a decade ago when I was buying an investment flat in East London and was met at the property by a stunning late 20s blonde with very erotic looking fake tits. We had instant chemistry - even before the lift got to the correct floor we were flirting shamelessly, her complimenting my accent (I'm not English) and me telling her how gorgeous she was, which she lapped up with giggles. The viewing was a joke - basically plenty of double entendres and saucy jokes as we pretended to take the property seriously. I'd decided instantly it wasn't for me but wanted to string the experience out.

I have to confess to being too nervous / shy to physically make a move, even though the air was electric was sexual tension. I guess I was just a little cautious of trying to touch her and finding out I'd misread how far she was prepared to go - I certainly didn't fancy caressing her and being rewarded with a 'what the fuck are you doing?!' so I reluctantly followed her back to the lift after 10 minutes or so.

More flirting on the way back to street level, so I asked for her mobile number and got it instantly. I said I was interested in the flat and would let her know if I wanted a second viewing...

A few hours later I thought fuck it, and called her. She answered and I confessed that I'd fancied the arse off her, and would love to see her again. She laughed and said she'd call me that evening. Instead of calling she texted me, and the texts progressed to the stage where we were describing what we'd like to do to each other, and she was texting me pics of herself in lingerie. Perfect.

I signed off by arranging a second viewing the very next day, which she agreed to, and when the hour came round I was no longer in the mood for caution. In the lift I leaned over and kissed her neck - she purred like a kitten and ground her hard fake tits into me. I don't think we were in the flat more than 3 seconds before I was pushing my tongue deep into her eager mouth, squeezing her luscious arse and grinding my cock into her crotch as she moaned. 2 minutes later we were in the lounge, not bothering to close the curtains, as I pulled out my painfully erect cock as she dropped to her knees in an instant. As she greedily sucked my cock (with beautiful technique, kissing the shaft lovingly, deep throating all 8 inches and holding her mouth still as I facefucked her) I pulled the buttons on her blouse open and popped her bra clasp off. Her tits were a revelation - not because the boob job she'd had was brilliant, it wasn't, but because it was almost as though no attempt had been made by the surgeon to make them appear even half real. They were, simply put, porn star tits - large, vulgar, unnatural looking melons that defied gravity, topped with huge crinkled nipples that begged to be pulled and twisted. She loved having her udders mauled, and nodded eagerly when I whispered 'you want me to shoot my load on your tits, don't you slut?'

When I finally pulled my red raw cock out of her pretty mouth, her lipstick was smeared over her face, her eyes were watering and drool was dripping down her chin onto her chest. She gazed up at me whilst flicking her tongue into thin air, making weird yearning moaning noises like all that mattered was getting me to cum for her... I stared at her pretty contorted, lust crazed face and just let go, feeling my balls tighten as I shot more thick cum over her face, hair and tits than I could remember shooting before, before collapsing back onto a nearby chair as she tenderly licked the remaining jizz from the tip of my cock...

We went back down the lift after we cleaned ourselves up, cuddling, before parting again. We only met once more, when she came to visit me at home. The sex was good, though not as electric as that first blow job had been. Though I did enjoy jerking off after I'd fucked her, while she licked my nipples and whispered her fantasy about '5 men fucking her like a dirty slag'. Then we lost touch when she left her job and went back to Wales...

So that's my experience of dirty property agents. Although it was the only one I've had in about 12 years of regularly dealing with young, pretty London lettings and estates agents, it was a super hot one. So I definitely believe the stories on here...