Written by Plain Jane

16 Sep 2015

Hello everyone. Thank you for your positive responses. I was expecting differently but you have given me some courage to explore what I want.

We went back to Spain for a brief visit, just 4 days to sort out an issue with the property. I haven't told him about what I have done for a number of reasons. One, I really don't think he would take it very well, he talks about sharing or swapping but I think He is all talk. Also, becouse I did this behind his back he would take it as me being unfaithful which I guess I was.

On this trip we argued more than usual about things. I guess I was frustrated becouse I wanted it all to happen again but they didn't appear to be there when we arrived.

It was all very confusing. On the one hand I wanted my stranger friend inside me but on the other I knew it was wrong.

We arrived early Friday to fly home late Sunday. Most of Friday and Saturday I kept wondering into the garden to see if he was there but he wasn't. Sunday morning I heart skipped more than one beat. We had breakfast in the town and wondered back at around 10:30 am. As soon as we approached our place I could see a car next door. I guess I panicked and turned back telling my husband I had forgotten something in the town but after pulling myself together I turned back again.

As soon as we got in I opened the doors to see if I could see them. I saw her looking beautiful as usual then noticed my husband standing next to me. He asked me what I was looking at so I told him I was checking the garden.

He made that annoying sucking in take of breath sound he makes when he wants me to notice something. I looked at him and it was clear he had seen her. I asked him if he thought she was pretty.

He looked at me as though I was stupid and told me of course she was pretty. I looked at him and asked him if he wanted to fuck her.

I think that took him back a little, its not something I would usually say and after a few seconds of looking at me like I was possessed he told me he would fuck her the first opportunity he had.

For the rest of the day I made every excuse I could to occidentally bump into them in the garden, my mind was racing thinking about whether or not she knew about her husband and me and if she was into that sort of thing if she would fuck mu husband. If she would then that would allow me to let her husband have me again.

We were due to leave for the airport by 6 so by 4:30 I had all but given up on any 'accidental' meeting. Then it happened.

She walked out and said hello in very broken English. I couldn't help but think how attractive she was, her nipples prominent under her t-shirt and thinking about how mine are a lot softer than I thought they were. Then he came out and I nearly fainted. Did she know, didn't she could she tell I was going red and about to faint. We sort of chatted about the garden and things in the best way we could becouse of the language barrier then he took my arm and said come.

I looked back to see if my husband was there but he wasn't. I was led into they're home. I stood there like a naughty school girl, the two of them exchanging glances. She told me I shouldn't be nervous and that I was 'very pretty'. I stood at the kitchen island watching her was glasses when he came and stood behind me.

She looked and smiled, fuck she was pretty, why would he want to have me when he has her. He placed his hands on my shoulders and told me I was tense. She said something about a nice massage and how he was good at that. His hands worked my shoulders then my neck. She tilted her head and raised her eyebrows and smiled, I thought she was mad that he was doing it but his hand slipped down my blouse and he kissed my neck. For the third time in 20 min I came close to fainting.

He scooped my breast from my bra and gently squeezed. Then unbuttoned the blouse with his other hand and let it fall to the floor before un-clipping my bra and letting that follow. I kept looking at her wondering what she was going to say but she just looked at my chest then him and then at my chest again and all the time he was touching me.

I was wearing a skirt which he unzipped and pushed down and I was naked. I remember saying something stupid like 'my husband wants to have sex with you'. She laughed and told me he wasn't her type. He turned me round, lifted me up and sat me on a stool before pulling his t shirt off and letting his jeans fall exposing his beautiful manhood. We touched and kissed before he put my head down put himself into my mouth. He tasted so wonderful but I couldn't believe this was happening again and with her watching.

After a little while he pulled my head up and took hold of my face, his wife had lifted her t shirt off and was standing next to us. They said something in Spanish, then as he held my face she pushed her breast into my mouth and told me to suck.

For the first time in my life I was sucking a woman breast and what's more as she kissed her husband. She removed it and replaced it with the other whilst rubbing mine. Then she pulled back, said something to her husband and went to sit down. He lifted my legs and moved forward slipping into me. His cock was inside me again but this time we had an audience.

His powerful arm on my back holding me in place the fingers of his other hand in my mouth and his cock thrusting inside me getting more and more urgent.

And all the while his stunning wife just sitting there watching before she just calmly put her t shirt back on and went to sit on a chair. He slipped out of me and led me to the sofa lay me on my back and took me again, his arms outstretched and his powerful body over me.

I remember thinking how deep inside me he could go and how dark and shiny his body was and then he was fucking me harder and more urgent. I looked at his wife again and her hand was under her top. The sight of her touching herself and him pounding me so hard and rough made me cum. I heard a deep moan / scream which was me followed by a squeal which came from the chair his wife was sitting in, she was finger fucking herself and had reached her orgasm with me.

He followed moments later filling me again with cum before taking it out and spraying me with even more over my chest and face.

I lay there covered in cum exhausted, he got up then almost as an after though slipped back into me and let more cum shoot into my pussy before sitting at my feet.

After a while she said I should wash before going home so I washed myself down and dressed. I walked back into the living area to say goodbye and she was naked riding him. I walked past them not sure if I should say anything. As I looked back she gave me a wave. Then like the good wife I am I packed fending off questions about where I had been and got in the taxi to go to the airport. I changed my knickers becouse they where soaking but the new ones become just as wet. My husband moaned about me wondering off and in my head I told him I had just fucked the neighbour (again) and sucked his wife's tits, not bad for his plain boring wife! Oh, and she doesn't want to fuck you.

I have changed so much, now I feel free and sexy and I have a new life.