Written by Graham

17 Nov 2010

Here’s something which happened a few years ago that I thought you might be interested in.

My girlfriend at the time, Jude, was not really one for going out with the girls and generally preferred to come with me on a lads’ night out and was quite happy being the only girl in a group of men. It was a late summer evening and we had met up with some of my mates in a local pub, which had a pretty secluded beer garden, and we found a table outside which was well out of the way. It was also quite early and there was no one else there yet. We had been drinking a little at home before we went out to meet the lads and so Jude was in a bit of a playful mood.

After another drink in the beer garden the conversation got a bit ruder and one of my mates (there were five of them there that evening) told Jude to ‘get her tits out for the lads’. There was some general laughter and then Jude pulled up her t shirt and flashed them her bra. There was cheer but when she covered herself up again Andy said that she hadn’t shown her tits, only her bra and that that wasn’t good enough. She looked at him and said, ‘Alright then,’ and reached behind her to undo her bra. She did that trick where women take off their bra and pull it off down one sleeve, then looked at Andy again and said, ‘Ready?’

He nodded eagerly and so did the other four. Jude then pulled up her t shirt and revealed her breasts to them to a big cheer. She has a nice pair of 34c tits and I could see that her nipples were erect with the excitement. She cupped her breasts in her hands and said to Andy, ‘Well, what do you think?’

He leaned over and ran his hand over her left breast and said, ‘Looks good, feels good,’ and then leant over even more and started to suck her nipple, ‘and tastes good.’

One of the others, Guy, got up and went over to her and started working on the other breast. I looked at the door of the pub, but there was no one coming, so I just decided to let it carry on for a bit.

The other lads got up and went over to her and pushed away Andy and Guy and took their turns and soon all five of my mates had sucked her nipples. She then said, ‘So, who’s got the bottle to show me his?’

Unsurprisingly Andy was the one and he unbuttoned his flies and flopped out his cock. Jude’s eyes lit up and she reached out and grabbed him. She wanked it hard and then pulled him closer to her and took him in her mouth. She sucked and wanked him fast as we were all aware that someone else could arrive at any time and in a couple of minutes Andy was holding the back of her head and pumping his spunk into Jude’s mouth. She sucked it for a few seconds longer then let it flop out of her mouth. She wiped her lips and said, ‘Who’s next?’

Unfortunately before any of the other s could get their cocks out we heard the door of the pub opening and so Jude quickly pulled down her t shirt and pretended to be decent again as a group of people came out and sat around another table.

For the rest of the evening Jude didn’t have to buy a round and neither did I. She didn’t suck anyone else off, but throughout the evening they took it in turns to sit next to her while she discreetly wanked them off under the table.

We never got a chance to repeat this as it was a real spur of the moment thing, but she did fuck three of them on other occasions, including one time when Andy and me took turns spitroasting her.