Written by twoup

15 Jan 2011

Drinking in the pub last night, there was a Friday night disco so the place was fairly heaving, a lot of talent around, both male and female, as a bi bloke that suits me fine.

It's a friendly pub and there's a good mix of straight, bi and gay customers, all get on well as long as you behave.

After a few beers I went off to the toilets for a piss, lots of guys in there. My dick's a bit on the above average size and I make no attempt to hide it when I'm at the urinals. A guy came in and stood next to me pissing, he must have been in his early 20s and well fit, he made no attempt to hide the fact that he was haveing a good look at my dick, his was about average size, uncut and nicely proportioned.

I looked at him and he just smiled. I was washing my hands when he nudged me and nodded towards the cubicles. He went in one and I thought 'why not' and after a few seconds I followed him. It was too busy for anyone to really notice what was going on.

When a pushed the door open he was sitting and had his jeans down, legs open. I locked the door behind me and turned round, straight away he undid my belt and pulled my jeans down, his mouth was round my dick in a flash, I was already horny and had a semi so it didn't take much to get me full-on.

He sucked like a vacuum cleaner, mine wasn't his first dick that was for sure. After a while he turned round and bent over, like a twat I hadn't brought out any condoms so there was no way I was going to fuck the bugger without one.

He had the most amazing arse, a bit on the hairy side which I love and I couldn't resist opening his cheeks for a look, he was nice and clean so I rimmed his hole for him for what must have been 2/3 minutes. He turned round again, sat down and started to suck me while he was wanking. It wasn't long before I pulled his head deeper onto my dick and spunked my load down his throat, I saw him shoot his load almost at the same time.

I pulled my jeans back up and as I was leaving he gave me a big smile and a quick kiss on the lips. We never spoke all the way through the encounter.

We saw each other at the bar afterwards and never said a thing.