Written by fuckbut

18 Jun 2008

You are such a bitch.. your so in control you only want to fuck yourself well im off! and with this my latest fuck was off and out my life. i am a thirty something petite blond career woman and i must admit i like to control.

Oh well, i thought time for some prick teasing which is my biggest turn on so i got up and dressed in sheer stockings and suspender and a tiny thong in electric blue with matching bra white see through blouse and my new white designer mini skirt and headed out the door.

I got into my sports car and decided to call in at the local garage. I could see the young lads in the workshop so i lifted the bonnet and leaned into the car my skirt riding higher, i could see one of the lads nudge his mate as he played with his cock so i leaned further in so they would see the tops of my stockings and a flash of my panties.

I yelped as someone pinched my bottom hard

Hiya Ginger Minge i heard the voice say

i swung around and smacked the voice sharply across the face, it was Alex who i used to go to school with and he was still a great big hulk of a bastard using my old nick name

He touched his lip where it was bleeding and licked it

yes i am not a natural blond but what the fuck

He smirked at me

Get around the back to the toilet you have a large grease mark on your skirt and with this he walked away.

I was furious i stormed around to the back of the garage and entered the tiny washroom, it was dimly lit , there was a grubby sponge in the sink and i started to wipe my skirt, just then a shadow crossed the door it was Alex

here let me help, put some water on the sponge

You will have to bend over so i can see

I begrudgingly gave him the sponge

I could feel his body behind me and felt the stiffening of his cock aginst my legs

hold onto the sink and bend over he said, i felt vulnerable in this position but i could feel my pussy getting wet

Alex started to rub the wet sponge below the hem of my skirt and push it higher and higher till my stockings were exposed and he could see my panties which were wet with my juice

he pushed my skirt right up so my arse was exposed to anyone coming down the back and peeled down my knickers to my knees, i gasped i had never been so turned on he leaned forward and ripped open my blouse and roughly pulled at my tits, He used the wet sponge and wet my arse with it i was pushing it at him wanting him to fill my pussy

Your such a dirty little bitch arent you

so impatient

Do you want my cock

Yes i cried

he grabbed my pubic bone and i waited for his cock

i yelped

Alex brought his hand firmly down across my bottom and started to spank me hard, with my bottom being wet it stung and i could feel the weals rising on my skin, after the initial shock my arse rose to meet his hand and i was crying out in pain and exCtasy

This is for being such a bitch and then he picked me up and put me on the sink, spread my legs on the wall oposite and puled my panties to my ankles and this is because ive wanted to do this since i was 11

he spread my legs and knealt in front of my pussy and proceeded to eat me. I could see in the mirror everything he was doing to me and the coolness of the sink against the weals that had risen on my bottom sent me over the top of please fuck me alex

your not worthy of my cock yet

you will need to prove to me just how mch you want it, he pushed his finger up my arse and sucked my clit hard

im coming alex i screamed i wasnt bothered who could hear me

i was on fire , i came with a big gush and could feel it running down my thighs

Alex pulled off my panties and wiped my pussy with them and put them dangling from his top pocket of his overalls I will save these for later

and left me there

I staggeered out of the washroom my stockings in tatters and oil all over my skirt and all the buttons ripped off my blouse and staggered back to my car.

i could see the lads in the garage smirking at me

i got in the car and drove away

at home i realise that i had not paid for petrol

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