Written by Annie

14 Dec 2011

Hi all, many thanks for your past comments.

Our usual Sunday photo-shoot was put on hold this week as we had other things on.

But last night we decided to invite Andy round.

Unbeknown to us he has a girlfriend and asked if he could bring her.

Of course paul said yes, they then continued to chat about bikes and said good bye.

When i enquired as to whether Andy's girlfriend knew of our previous shoot in the garage, my beloved said he hadn't thought to ask.

Well did you ask him round to socialise or to do another shoot?

Didn't really say, just asked him if he fancied popping round, came the reply.

Well is his girlfriend into photos?

He didn't say.

God love him as i do, but i really do have to do everything, from changing a plug to inviting people round. my Paul just drifts through life without a care in the world.

Unsure how the evening was to pan out, i did a few nibbles and checked we had a few drinks in.

I didn't want to look like a cougar on the prowl so dressed conservative in a knee length skirt, hold-ups and blouse.

I was in the kitchen when they rang the bell, but could hear paul greet them and ask them in.

He even remembered to take their coats and hang them in the hallway.

I greeted them with the usual air kiss on the cheek whilst shaking their hands at the same time.

Tina was a lovely girl and very easy to talk to, she is 29, 5'6" tall, with blond hair and a size 12. I could see her boobs were a lot bigger than mine, but she was a very pretty girl.

Although chat was easy between us, it still wasn't too clear if she know of our previous encounter?

In fact it was her that said, Andy tells me you had fun doing a photo-story a few weeks ago, could i see them, or would you prefer to keep them private?

Considering Andy was in them, why not was the obvious answer, so Paul went up stairs to get his lap top.

I then mentioned to Tina how awkward it was her coming round without knowing if she knew about the shoot.

She laughed saying that she'd had the same conversation with Drew.

We agreed that men just assume everything will work out in the end and just stumble over any awkward moments should they arise.

It caused a laugh when Tina said in her opinion its in their make up, and that if a guy walked into a room with 10 ladies in it, within a mino second he's put them all in the order he'd like to chat them up in or he'd like to play with, but he'd put every one of them in order 1 to 10. Whereas a woman will pick one, maybe two guy's out of ten and shelve the rest.

Paul put the slide show on and it was met with favourable comments.

He also showed them some shots of me alone, just naughty poses,and the odd holiday shot.

Andy asked if we had planned on doing any more that evening?

Well considering i didn't know if Tina knew about our session, i'd of felt pretty stupid dressed as a parlour maid with my boobs trussed up and she'd come to meet a couple of your friends i replied, much to every-ones laughter.

With no time to sort much out, Paul said what about another Massage shoot?No special clothes needed and the couch only took a few minutes to put up?

We all agreed it weren't a bad idea, so Paul popped up to the spare room to sort that and his camera out, whilst we chatted about who'd do what to who.

It was agreed that Tina would be the client and Andy and i would be her therapists.

Four handed massage, lucky me she said whilst gently clapping her hands together.

Paul soon popped his head around the corner of the lounge door to say that all was ready upstairs.

Our final decision was dress code, Andy could borrow some of Paul's track trousers and a white t/shirt, or shorts without a top?

Tina said why not make it a naturist massage?

Good idea said Paul, Andy and i also agreed.

Whilst we undressed and slipped on our dressing gowns Tina perched on the couch. I was a bit conscious of her watching me, but it did help that she made comments like, i could see why drew likes your boobs, their so firm and what fab nipples and god you have lovely skin.

Paul had his back to us and was muttering about having to change the lens on his camera because he'd be too close with the other on on. He loves taking his pictures, but i do wish he wouldn't take it so serious because he put himself under so much pressure to get it exact, whereas 8 out of 10 is good enough.

Andy stood by the couch, i went to the bedroom door and Tina stood outside the door waiting to knock.

click click the camera had started. From then on the story line was up to us, Paul would only shoot what action we chose to do.

I welcomed tina to the clinic, shook her hand whilst asking her in, then introduced her to Drew, (which i noticed was how she addressed Andy.

I asked her about any medical problems and confirmed that she'd like a naturist massage carried out by both Andy and i working together.

All the chat and notes out of the way i asked her to undress whilst Andy mix her oils.

As she slipped off her dress, i was quite excited watching her un-clip her bra and as her boobs spilt free i noticed that unlike my nipples which are always taught and extended, hers were inverted. Her waist was quite slender in comparison to the fullness of her breasts and her hips were, not pair shaped or rounded, but curvy? A classic womanly figure would probably be the best description.

Once she was settled on the couch, we disrobe-d and began to apply the oil.

It was quite erotic sensually running my hands up her spine and over her back, whilst watching Andy soothingly run up her thighs and over her bum.

After a few minutes we just naturally seem to move around and swapped positions.

I noticed Tina move her legs apart as i ran up her thigh, so continued up and ran my fingers over her shaved fanny before kneeding her buttocks.

I then dripped some more oil between her bum cheeks and eased them apart until it made its way down to her anus.

With a gentle pinching movement between my thumb and forefinger i worked the oil into the folds of skin around both her bum and fanny.

Andy then began to work his way down her spine until his hands joined mine and began to gently knead her buttocks.

As she moaned and muttered how nice it felt, i could see he was about to insert a finger into her moist and vacant fanny, but he noticed the shake of my head and withdrew the poised finger running his hands down and over her thighs.

We continued to touch her as such but without entering her for some time before asking her to roll over.

Felt wonderful; was her only comment as she shuffled onto her back and got comfy.

I started applying oil to her boobs but instead of starting on her tummy or thighs, Andy moved to the opposite side of the table and started to work opposite me on Tina's other boob.

I nodded in acknowledgement, as i didn't want him to work his fingers inside her yet.

After a few minutes of massaging her boob i bent over and began to suck on her nipple, needless to say i was soon joined by Andy who busied himself on her other one.

whilst gently biting and sucking on her nipple i let my fingers trail down to her fanny. Although i pinched, pulled, flicked and stimulated her hood and outer lips i still didnt insert them into her now dripping fanny.

Kissing my way down her torso i eventually ended up on her pubis bone. breaking contact for a moment i went to the foot of the table, then holding her outer lips apart i began to run my tongue over, around and into her fanny. She raised her knees and parted them to allow me further access, which i readily accepted.

Andy then ran his hands down from her boobs, over my shoulder and back and positioned himself behind me. A gentle probe and a few slight adjustments to my stance and as i was bent forward eating Tina's sweet tasting juices, i felt Andy lubricate my fanny with its own juice then gently ease himself into me.

As he pumped away inside me i allowed my fingers for the first time to masturbate deep inside Tina's streaming fanny.

It felt great and sounded intensely erotic as Andy's ball bag slapped against the back of my thighs as i busied myself eating Tina's beautiful fanny.

I had to place a foot on the couches cross leg to allow him even deeper access which he took with a wonderful thrust.

I could of stayed there for hours, and could of cried when he eased himself from me and asked if it was ok if i played with Tina's boobs, whilst he took my place between her thighs?

Somewhat reluctantly i moved up the table.

Grabbing Tina around the thighs he asked her to shuffle down the table.

With her legs resting in the crook of his arms and with his dick glistening with my juices i watched as for the first time in my life i saw a real life dick slowly penetrate and move inside a fanny, (so more erotic than on a film). I actually came as he quickened his pace and although i wanted to play with her boobs i was too enthralled watching Tina get fucked.

All to soon Andy shuddered, stiffened and came inside her. only as he slowed to a stand still did i bend forward and kiss Tina on the lips, and she responded by pushing her tongue into my mouth.

After a gentle snog she said; let me eat you.

As we changed positions she gripped a towel between her thighs, then moving between my thighs, she began to eat me.

Andy had moved to the side of the couch and began to play with one boob whilst sucking on my other one. I wanted to suck his dick back into life, but was enjoying the moment too much to move.

I can't tell you how intense the orgasm was when i came but i nearly strangled Tina with my thighs as they closed around he head.

Only as we stirred ourselves to get cleaned up did i even remember my paul, kneeling in the corner taking the last few snaps.

After a shower, we sat around the lap top watching the results. They were great and we are all looking forward to doing some more.

Ps, Paul agrees that were he to regularly join in it would alter the balance between fun and plain wife swapping, so is happy with our decision that for the time being he just stick to take photos of me playing.

Take care and happy safe yule to you all. Annie