Written by swingboy

5 May 2011

I recently came back from Greece and had the best 7 days of pure sex with a German couple we met. I booked a late deal during the long easter break with a mate of mine. We are both 34, look after our bodies, very muscular and a few tattoos to show off. We were looking forward to he sun , drink and a few fucks...

On the 1st day we hit the pool , stripped off and just soaked the sun..Next to us a couple sat and it was not long before the mrs had her tits out. We began chit chatting and they turned out to be German, in their 40ish.. I couldn't take my eyes off her wife, she was finely toned, gorgeous tits with really big nipples... The husband went to get some drinks and i took no time in chatting with her. She noticed my hard on in my tight beach shorts and just smiled..

I jumped in the pool and she followed. The 1st thing she did was to put her hand on my cock and started to stroke it. Couldn't believe my luck and whispered " nice cock, want it" ..

Her husband arrived and she said something to him and he looked at me and smiled...

During the day, i saw them snog, he massaging her back, legs and front with sun lotion. She would part her legs in front of me , giving me a clear view of her cunt, clearly shaven. I was on heat and very horny..

We shared a few beers and they invited us to their room for more drinks in the evening.. My mate and I , dressed up and knocked on their door. She opened and was wearing a very revealing dress invited us in and the drinks were offered. The talk turned to sex and it turned out they were swingers and were attending some reunion.

The husband went to the loo and i signaled to my mate to make a excuse and leave. As soon as we were alone, we just moved with towards each other and snogged. She was very full on and started to take my t shirt off and said ' wanted your cock all day" . i moved my hand under her dress and with no knickers on , i was fingering her very wet cunt. She started moaning heavily. Her dress came off, so my jeans.. I was on my kness , kissing her cunt and fingering her hard.. She exposed all her cunt and pushed my head deep into her. her breathing became heavier and i soon tasted her cum on my tonque.

She led me to the bedroom, she lent over the bed and while standing , she gave me a condom and i entered her from behind. My cock was throbbing and I fucking her hard and deep... 'Harder, harder' she screamed and it wasn't long till i shot my load...

I looked up and saw her husband watching while wanking away... His cock was small, she moved over to him and started sucking him.. I joined them and started to kissing her neck, moving to her nipples... She sucked him till he moaned with cum.

He said ' fuck her again' ... this time i layed her on her back, raised her legs over my shoulders and took her deep while snogging her. I fucked her long and deep and her husband came over and started to wank away again... real close to her face. My fucking became fast and deep and it took a few pounding till i came again..

We watched till he shot hid load again. I had to go back to my room and take another shower. Told my mate and we met them again. Ended up in a swinging club , where we fucked all night ... I was with her all night... while my mate ended up with another couple.

The week continued with me fucking the wife while the husband watched and my mate enjoying the swinging scene.