23 Apr 2019

After the enjoyable meet with Kevin and Julia that was cut short by the sudden unexpected arrival of a car with headlights blazing, we all laughed it off and arranged to meet the following week at my photography studio located on an industrial park near Gloucester.

It was one of the those large ancient buildings, which had ceased to be used for big industrial works years ago and was now split up into small units which they rented off as small offices to taxi firms, graphic artists, tele sales etc.

All the good offices ran around the perimeter of the building which left one space located in the middle of the building which had no natural light, so they found it hard to rent. However for my uses it was the perfect space for a decent photo and video studio. Enough free space for the studio itself, a changing room, make up area and a sofa or two at the back for clients.

There was only one door in which could be locked and this opened to a quiet corridor rarely used with the loos were just around the corner. Perfect, not too much passing traffic.

I had established a nice little business over the years here doing model lingerie and erotic nude shoots for magazines. Plus the popular boudoir shoots for nervous clients on a regular basis topped off by running the occasional Photo course for enthusiasts. So there was always naked or semi naked bodies running around, usually after all the other offices were closed in the evening.

We met Kevin and Julia once again at the local pub, just to check the spark was still there. We didn’t have to worry as we gulped down our drinks in record time and headed for the studio. Not that I was worried but after last time we didn’t want to be disturbed be random visitors so I was pleased to see the rest of the building was pitch black.

Wandering through the labyrinth of offices we finally came to mine and as I unlocked the door the ladies went in to get the full effect of about 30 candles I had lit and placed around the unit. Each one fluttering with our movement and reflected by the chrome light stands and mirrors creating a nice magical effect. Thank goodness there was no smoke alarm in my part of the building.

Kevin once again was dressed very smart. Not quite a suit but close and Dawn complimented him on making an effort. To which he replied “I always like to make an effort with the ladies”. “Hmm I’ll be testing that out later” she smirked as she shook off her cardigan to reveal an open backed sequin top which sparkled in the lights and was clinging to her shoulders as if by magic. That won’t last long I thought.

Julia took off her coat to reveal a lovely simple pastel shade satin slip dress which clung to her curves nicely. The fine strap over her shoulders clearly indicated she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples confirmed that fact, prominently displaying their interest. Plus it was short enough to easily notice the top of the holds up just below the hem. My cock, if is wasn’t awake before, certainly woke up now.

Julia wandered around the perimeter of the studio looking at all the photo accessories and props lying around while Dawn and Kevin settled down on the sofa watching. “I’ve always wanted to model for some portraits and these candles create quite an attractive glow” Julia enthusiastically announced. “I’m sure we can arrange that” and with that I pulled up the stool I used for such things and positioned a couple of lights, on minimal power to not kill the atmosphere, either side of her. I brought the reflector close about chest height, the back of my hand just stroking her nipple as I moved. The combination of the soft candle light created a gorgeous soft glow in her eyes which positively sparkled.

They opened even wider as she looked over my shoulder at Kevin and Dawn. I turned to see Kevin on his knees and Dawns skirt pushed up around her waist. He was just kissing the inside of her legs while his thumb stroked her pussy and she lay back murmuring pleasant noises, with her top cascading off her shoulder. He was letting his fingers do the walking again I thought and her pussy was about to get a good licking I could see.

I turned back to Julia and put my camera down to one side. I walked closer and told her how gorgeous the light was making her face look, but maybe we should slip one of the straps off her shoulder to give it a more casual look. She smiled as she did so and naturally gravity took over, as both straps fell to one side however the material caught on her hard nipples revealing a wonderful cleavage. She looked down and then back to me “Oops” she smiled.

I couldn’t hold on any longer and put my arms around her head and gently at first, kissed her, getting progressively deeper with each breath. She stood and the dress just fell away to the floor leaving her in hold ups and the smallest of thongs still in her heels. Once again she demanded I get my cock out and give it to her. Off with the belt and down with the jeans, out came my cock standing proud and ready for action. “I want you to fuck me while we watch them”

I kicked off the jeans and extra items and turned her around the stool so we both faced the couple on the sofa. She turned back to face me and we kissed again as my hands explored her gorgeous body, running down to her thong which just fell away to the floor, revealing a very, very wet pussy. I finger fucked her for a moment and then she turned away from me, placed one foot either side of the stool and leaned back to expose her bum to me just waiting for my cock to enter her.

I leaned forward and my cock found its welcome wet home as she pushed back on me and let out a long low loud sigh. The others looked our way and I could see Kevin was sitting on the sofa and Dawn had lowered herself onto his cock also facing us.

There was a moment we all paused looking at the pleasure across the faces of both ladies impaled to two rock solid cocks and the smirks of both men. And then the dance began. Dawn started sliding up and down on Kevin, her arse slapping against his thighs. Her pert little tits jiggling against his big hands as he held her at the top of each stroke before allowing her to plunge down again.

I was taking my time as Julie was beautiful to hold. A fuller figure than Dawn, but every part of her was inviting and as I slowly slid in and out of her warm juicy pussy. One hand went around the front to find her clit while the other toyed with the juices around her arse. Circling around the wet puckered hole as she hummed a tuneless tune to herself.

She turned once again and released me, pushing me back on the stool as she took hold of my wet member and starting at my balls licked sack to tip, before sliding it in and out of her mouth and slurping her juices.

I heard Dawn shout out “oh God I’m coming, I’m coming”. Kevin really was a master with his hands and I watched as he replaced his fingers once again with his cock which looked fit to burst. She was lying face down across the sofa arm, her head down in the cushions while he held up her ankles and starting pounder her for all he was worth. Slap, slap, slap.

This was too much for me and I pulled Julia to standing and then grabbed her arse in one movement lifting her into the air and placing my feet firmly apart to get maximum balance. She understood right away and hooked her ankles around the back of my legs as she welcomed my cock back into its juicy home. And there she was suspended, I was deep inside her supporting her with my arms, as she put her hands around the back of my neck and leaned back, making small movements with her hips.

There was a cry from Kevin at the sofa as he launched his seed deep into my wife, while she made her climax noise I know so well, which starts with an “uurrrrggg” and then continued with the duration, ending in with a “hmmnnhmmnnhmmnnnaaa”.

That pushed Julia and I over the edge as she enthusiastically launched herself up and down on my cock with more and more vigor, when I felt the earth start to tremble and I knew I was was about to cum. “Yeeeaaaarrrsss” she called out and I released all the pressure I had felt building up since the previous weekend.

I held her there for a while and we kissed gently, before returning her feet to the floor, where she crumpled into my arms, panting her thanks.

The other two were sweating in the sofa watching, both beaming and glowing. Caressing each other and smiling.

We all knew what we were thinking. How long before we recover for round two?

I poured the wine which had been sitting in the fridge on the side while we sat, cuddled, chatted and waited. And you know what? I never took a single photo all night!