Written by Genevieve

28 Dec 2015

With the benefit of hindsight I know that my husband was a rough and selfish lover, but at the time I knew nothing else. I was naive, a virgin until married, no experience outside the marriage. I knew what gays and lesbians were, but I had no idea what they did in bed. To be frank I was relieved when my husband died, no more being used and hurt.

I made a new life for myself, and got involved with a local amateur theatre group. I had always enjoyed theatre, chorus, even pantomime. My husband preferred the pub.

It was a new world, different people , different types of people. They were all more open than I was used to, more flagrant , more emotional. Of course, being still so naive, I had to ask when certain expressions meant . What I liked most was how warm they all were, hugging and touching, kissing hullo and goodbye, calling each other darling. Pretty soon I was doing the same.

Quite often after evening rehearsal we would retreat to the pub for a last glass before going home. One particular man, somewhat younger than me, seemed always to engage me in conversation and pay me particular attention. I was flattered, he was quite good looking, and very charming. The nights were getting dark early, I was slightly nervous of walking home alone in the dark, so was delighted when he proposed that he walk me home. It seemed so natural to take his arm, to walk close together. Of course, as theatricals always do, at my door he gave me the usual cheek cheek kiss goodbye. Did I send out a signal, did I linger too long ? The cheek cheek became lip lip, then more than a goodbye kiss.

I had never experienced before the sensation of sexual excitement , desire , wanting to be touched. At that moment I wanted, needed, his hand to be playing in my panties. I did not know what to do, to drag him in the house or to push him away . The decision was made for me, he pulled me closer so that one of his legs was between mine, pushing against my crotch. I could not resist, I rubbed myself against him.

The next part was a blur, me saying let's go indoors, clothes being discarded , touching , kissing , pulling each other towards the settee. Then , no foreplay , his erection sliding gently into me, my vagina awash with my arousal. In moments I was engulfed in a forceful orgasm, clinging on to his body as he pushed deeper in me. Then I felt his warm cum filling me.

We did not move, just kissed and waited .

I led him upstairs to my bed, he laid me down on my back, kissed me softly, then parted my legs and gently touched my clitoris. Such a sensuous sensation, I could only close my eyes and surrender. First his fingers, then his tongue, licking, probing, playing me, bringing me up to another orgasm. My first ever like that. I had never masturbated, never touched myself there, so many hang ups. Yet here I was with a man in my most intimate places, loving everything he did.

I was used to 15 minutes of crude , loveless thrusting. This was slow hours of tender, gentle, sensual , caring , sex. He had me in positions I had never experienced, touched and licked me in places I did not know were so sensitive.

Eventually we could not resist the need to sleep , me wrapped in his arms, his hand cupped over my crotch, his penis pressed onto my bum.

The morning came, no embarrassment between us. We both knew it would happen again , I did not know then what else it would lead to.