20 May 2018

In May 2013 we went to France in the camper. We had been driving to meet up with friends when I persuaded Q to use her plug in 12v rabbit vibrator as we drove. She was getting very very wet and having mini O's. So I pulled over onto a lay-by at the edge of the road. Traffic was passing us within about 6 feet. I got Q to kneel on the bed and look out the back window as traffic roared past it was a busy road. On the side of the camper nearest the road there are no windows but we could watch the traffic as it came up behind I played with her and I was fingering her and fucking her with a courgette. She was enjoying it and squirting onto two towels we put on the bed. I stripped off and climbed on the bed and was fucking her slowly doggy style. We heard lots of banging on the other side of the road where there was another lay-by but could not see anything and continued fucking. When all of a sudden, an articulated lorry tractor unit swung in behind us within about 5 feet of the back of the window. He was looking straight down into Q's face. I didn't realise the banging was the trailer being unhitched from the cab unit. He had done a U turn across the road ending up right behind us. Q panicked and tried to pull the curtains shut but I held them open. She then just buried her head into the quilt. I continued fucking her the guy dropped back till he was parked about 12 feet behind us and had an excellent view straight in the window. Q had wriggled sideways so that she was not facing out the back window. But towards the side of the camper with no windows. Suddenly a guy walked in between the cab and our camper. He turned out to be the lorry drivers mate and must have been securing the trailer on the other side of the road. As he opened the passenger door to climb in the driver said something to him and pointed at us. He then came round the front of the cab unit and leaned against it watching us. I pulled out of Q and started licking her cunt. He came round to the side window and stood looking in and I held her cunt wide open and finger fucked her. He was within 3 feet of her wide open cunt. I pushed her forward a bit and slid my cock in he must have had an amazing view of my cock sliding in and out. By this time I was ready to blow pulled out and positioned myself so he could see as I wanked over her arse.. I blew my load all over arse hole and cunt then fingered it in. He was giving me a big thumbs up. We closed the curtains and Q cleaned herself up and got dressed I put my shorts and T shirt back on. We opened the curtains and got back in the driving seats to move off, the lorry pulled alongside and next to Q's front passenger seat both guys blew kisses to her and gave her thumbs up. They then drove off. Q asked how much they had actually seen. I started to tell her then she said she didn’t want to know. It was amazingly horny and quite by chance sadly I didn’t have the camera alongside us to take any pics.