Written by john7

12 Dec 2010

I am male 44 6ft in fairly good shape I'd been search the adds for a while been chatting to a woman few miles from me after some no strings fun that's the back ground to the true story

I texted her from a carpark in her town she was flirting with dirty chat I m parked up in the park can I come to yours? I texted.she was not expecting me to be so near the text came back with her address only few streets away

I was there in minutes she opened the door

She was fairly ordanary looking woman in her 30s about 5-8 blue eyes shoulder length brown hair brushed back into a ponytail sweater jeans

She was a bit flustered I wasn't expecting you so quick I have to pick kids up at 3 best get started. Then I cheekly replied have you seen the state of me,its ok you look great to me ,ok she turned started up the stairs I watched her arse wiggle in her tight jeans as we neared the top I grabed her from behind one hand cupping her pussy from between her legs the other slid up her sweater squeezing her ample breasts over her bra she gasped as I kissed her neck

This way we where in her bedroom nice double bed black silky sheets she pulled her sweater over her head I nuzzled her breasts as sher did so uncliping her bra to reach her erect nipples sucking each in turn making her gasp I loosened her jeans. Pushing them down with her knickers as she stepped back to remove them of came my tshirt.

She stared at my hard cock 7 inchs wet at the tip with precum as I stepped out my jeans socks in one go.

We embraced feeling each others bodys lying back onto the bed her hand around my cock as she kissed my neck chest nipple then rapid desent she swallowed my cock pumping it fast in and out her mouth better take your time or you'll get a mouthfull I warned her

I reached for my jeans pulling out a condom, do me doggy style I love it she gasped adopting classic head down arse up position I would have gone down o

n her but her fingers were rubbing her clit I noticed a small metal ring with a ball on it piercing her clit hood she was wet well juiced up I slid in deep began to fuck her hard she was moaning gasping as I gripped her hips pounding her pussy ,so much so she started to slide head first off the bed she now had too arms on the floor supporting herself as I pounded her faster am going too cum she squealed before convulsing her pussy gripped my cock and flood of her juices splashed over my balls as she came

I held her while she recovered her senses before pulling out laying back on the bed

I needed that. She lay by my still hard cock began to wank me between her tits looking me in the eye pumping me faster telling me to shoot my lovely hot spunk all over them I held back as long as I could but it felt so good I began to buck my hips in time with her my body tensed then bam I shot onto her chin and neck she kept pumping me spunk splashing over her breasts I'm a heavy cummer at best of times and wank daily but she got a whole weeks worth as I'd been good and not wanked for few days her tits neck wewe covered

She jumped up left the room coming back with towels we wiped ourselves clean before dressing 2 45 better get a move on she said thanks for that we kissed again.