Written by Rob.york

18 Aug 2013

Was visiting a garden centre near Beverley Saturday and needed to visit the toilets

Sat comfortable doing what was needed and heard the door open and someone come in.

Sounds of piss in the urinals and then a short period of silence

Next was a shadow outside the door where I was sitting and signs of the shadows owner obviously wanking.

I watched for a few long seconds then coughed loudly.

The movement got faster and faster, I couldn't resist this so slipped the lock off the door, not quietly but made sure he would hear it.

The door was eased slowly open a few inches and I got a view of the guy standing there, about 20, tall, dark hair, well built.

He was now holding his prick at the base making it stand erect all a good 6 or more inches with a uncovered nob swollen to its limit.

I opened the door a bit more and he slipped into the cubicle with me.

A I sat the prick was just inches from my mouth so I whispered to him to drop his slacks which he did revealing a full shaved prick and balls.

I took him by his arse cheeks and drew him forward taking most of it in my mouth and just holding it there still feeling it throbbing.

I pulled him forwards and began sucking long strokes at the same time fondling and squeezing his balls.

It only took about 30 seconds before his hands took my head in a grip then he started to fuck my mouth slowly at first,then faster until suddenly he jerked hard,his prick exploded,his cum spurted to the back on my throat.

As this happened I myself had a spontaneous ejaculation.

He stopped thrusting but I held his prick tight with my teeth until it slackened off then I let it slip out having first made sure I had drained the last drops from it.

At that without a word he pulled up his slacks and left.

Some time later after selecting a few items I went to pay and there he was behind the till.

He took my money then as the till produced a receipt he scribbled on the back, i found when I got to my car it was a smiley face and a phone number.

I haven't rung it yet but I will before long