Written by Rob Leeds

29 Sep 2007

Just had a week in a town near the end of the M50.

Found some toilets there with small holes into next cubicle so rightly assumed it was meeting place for Gay and Bi.

SAta in for some tme with no contact so came out and there was a guy about 50 standing in the stalls who looked over his shoulder as I appeared.

I washed my hands and as I stood drying them I turned and looked at him and immediatly he tutned so I could see his erect penis.

No its weeks or months since I tasted cum so I went and stood in the stalls and began to get prick out.

He immediatly came and stood beside me wanking as he came.

I had been waiting for some time and was really hyped up so I justasked if he would like me to suck him off.

No hesitation we returned to the empty cubicle where I sat on the seat as he dropped his trousers and lifted his sweater reavealing a good solid 6 inches of circumsised prick.

I took it in my mouth straight away and sucked gently at it.

I grabbed his hips and pulled and pushed so he soon got the message and began fucking my mouth.

I could taste his pre cum and sucked harder as he thrust deep and to the back of my throat.

His knees were trembling and he stopped thrusting as I sucked harder.

I then tightened my teeth aroung the root and taking his balls gripped them thigh in my finger and thumb making his prick even harder.

Then he bagan to moan and restarted nis fucking.

Within seconds now he jerked and thrust deep and I felt his prick throbbing as he ejected his cum.

Not a lot but so sweet and tasty I drew hard sucking all I could.

He then pulled out and stood gasping.

His prick throbbed and another drop of cum seeped out.

I grabbed his hips and pulled him back so I could get that last drop.

He tidied himself and was gone.

I sat there, his cum in my mouth savouring the taste for at least another 10 minutes before swallowing it slowly as I wanked myself, cumming in my hand, licking it off to join his cum in my mouth.

I will be back next year and believe me I will spen many ours in those toilets.