Written by dirtydenise

29 May 2012

We went to morecambe for the week end. I was feeling very horny before we went out. I dressed in a wrap around dress, black and gold see thru panties, flesh coloured hold ups and a lacy see thru bra. Hubby could not keep his hands off me, even in the lift he had his hand up my skirt rubbing my fanny.

We did a few pubs,but not much eye candy about, kept giving him a glimpse of stocking top or a full on cleavage, to keep him quiet. We went in to the Joiners and sat at the bar, he was trying to watch the footie. In walked two lads about 25ish, good looking, but one of them was hot, very hot. I turned in my stool and pushed my boobs out a bit, so he had a good view of my boobs. My skirt also fell open a bit showing off a good bit of leg. He turned to his mate and said "seen the tits on this one, bet shes one of those who shags young lads while their husband watches". This turned me on, I could feel my juices dripping in to my panties.They both got a good eyeful then went to sit down on some seats.

Football had now finished and hubby said, lets go. So we left the pub, but on the way past the lads my skirt blew open and they got a good view of my holdup tops. Nothing much happened in any of the other pubs, lost sight of the fit lad.

We had both had enough to drink so we called it a night calling of for a pizza on the way back. When we got in to the pizza shop the young fit lad was ordering some food, I smiled at him while hubby was odering ours. It was warm in the shop so I said I was going outside for some air. The lad was already outside having a cigarette."Good night"?? he asked "Not bad" The brreze had picked up a bit and my skirt blew open showing off my tops to him. "Thats the second time I have seen them tonight, they are horny" I smiled and looked in the pizza shop, no sign of the food yet. I signalled him to come in to the backings next to the shop, there I opened my wrap round skirt. I stood there in my holdups panties and see thru bra. I thought he was going pass out in shock.

I grabbed his hands and pulled him towards me and snogged him full on the mouth, shoving my tongue deep down his throat. I grabbed at his fly and had his cock out in a flash, wanking it fast to get it hard. It was a good length and was solid. He pushed my bra up and feasted on my nipples, biting on them till it almost hurt. His fingers had now wormed their way in to my wet panties where he was ramming his fingers in to me, my juices were running out of me. I pulled my panties to one side and grabbed his cock and guided it to mythe entrance of my soaking pussy. With on thrust he rammed it up me, I came almosy immediately, but he lifted me off the ground ans humped me hard till he sped up and I could feel him shooting his come up me, there was loads of it. His limp cock slipped out of me as we were having a post shag snog. Then we heard "Pizza" so he slipped his cock in to his pants and went in to the shop. I sorted my now soaking panties out, they were full of his come.He got his pizza and left.I returned to the shop, hubby non the wiser. Be surprising what you can get up to in five minutes!!!!!

LLandudno in a few weeks???????????????????????