29 Sep 2018

a few months ago i wrote about how i had fucked the wifes aunt when doing some decorating for her. Well only last week we finally met up again and continued where we had left off.

I had to go across to Annes house to again help her with some stuff she wanted moving and again i told the wife that there was no need for her to come over as i was hoping that we would get down to something. I wasnt wrong because as i entered the house Anne was waiting for me and was dressed in a short skirt with low top with high heeled shoes on and looked slutty. I turned to her as she shut the door and right away her hands were on the top of my jeans and unzipping the fly and button and pulling at them until they were around my ankles. She pulled my underwear down and let free my now hard cock and engulfed her mouth over it. to say it was a great feeling would be an understatement and within 5 minutes of her doing this i unleashed a cum load directly into her mouth which she swallowed with ease. I was recovering and getting myself together and walked into the lounge and sat down on the sofa and Ann followed and stood in front of me and began to strip off her clothes and removed all of them apart from the high heeled shoes and to be honest she looked absolutely fantastic standing there and i began to feel a stirring in my loins and my cock was returning to attention. Ann came over and straddled across me and lowered herself down onto my hard member and began to ride. She was looking at me and saying "i needed to Fuck you and have thought about this since the last time so fuck me hard". She rode back and forth on my cock and i was pulling, sucking and biting her breasts which she really liked. She lent forward and i fulled her arse cheeks forward and began to thrust up really fast and it was making a loud slapping sound as i pounded her pussy. Ann was jerking and moaning and telling me to fuck her harder and make her cum.

I kept on going for all i was worth and then finally Ann let out a long moan and began to shiver as her orgasm took over her body and she shook for about a whole minute and her eyes rolled slightly until she slumped forward onto me. I kissed her and rolled her off me so that she was on the sofa on her back and i got between her legs and pushed my cock back in her and began to pump again her pussy. i fucked her harder and faster now and she was looking at me with a pleasure on her face and then finally i shot a small load of cum into her pussy and then just let my cock go limp and fall out of her. All the while i was doing this i was feeling her breasts and kissing her.

we lay on the sofa together naked just fondling each other until we had both recovered enough to sit up and we just sat there having a well earned drink of water before Ann again began to rub at my cock and then gave me a final BJ which was more of a clean up of my cock as i had nothing left for her by then.

we kissed goodbye and arranged to do it all again sometime. I am hoping that i can just service her when i need to as i think this is all she wants as she doesnt get much sex as she lives on her own since her divorce.