Written by Rampant Rabbit

25 Aug 2009

I have posted this story up before, but a couple suggested I posted it up again because it shows how a little common sense and consideration helps.

Some years ago I stayed a few nights in a remote country pub about 30 minutes from a town where I was working. The first couple of nights I got on friendly terms with a family couple, Martin and Julie who ran it. She had an eye-catching bum though it never occurred to me I would have visiting rights. Late on the 3rd night I was the only one in the bar with Julie, as she locked up. She went back behind the bar and I said flippantly, without thinking, “Time for my goodnight kiss then.” Blow me down if she didn’t actually lean over the bar and give me a full passionate kiss! I learned quite a while after that she and Martin had fantasised about her and another man but had no intention of risking their reputation, or of advertising. If it came along, it came along. As Julie fancied me and I lived a long way away, I had been chosen as the lucky one! They just hadn’t known whether I would be up for it, or how to talk about it, and so my casual comment was a godsend. Of course I didn’t know that at this point.

As readers will know, it is one thing for her to have decided to have sex, and another to 'get her there'. Julie came out from behind the bar and we had a serious kiss, as the full implications of it given her married status hit us and was turning us on. She told me to wait as she had to make sure Martin had gone to sleep. She disappeared and I waited ten minutes by the fire until she reappeared. Her work clothes had gone and she was in a nightie. Little did I know that a very excited Martin was now in the office behind the bar, with the intercom switched on and looking through the two way mirror.

Julie and I kissed again and she slapped my hand away from her bum saying “That’s not for you!” rather forcefully. I dutifully removed my hand and sent it back there a minute later, this time with no problem. I started to move my hand round her waist to the front, and found it gripped really hard before Julie relaxed just slightly and kept her hand on mine as it reached her bush. I could sense her turned on with at a relative stranger discovering how wet she was. I just palmed her bush gently (it was soaking) and I let my tongue gently start to tongue fuck her mouth as I lightly fucked a single finger gently inside her cunt. She grabbed by shoulders and started to judder, and I felt a warm gush over my hand. It wasn’t whether her wifely virtue was available any more, simply a question of how I wanted her. She was muttering “I musn’t, I musn’t!” under her breath as I eased her onto a bar stool with her back to the bar, and she put up a cosmetic resistance as I 'irrevocably' opened her legs and stood between them. We dry fucked for a minute or so. Then I couldn’t really hold back and just unzipped myself, and let a very hard and urgent cock rest against her bush. She went passionately quiet in a waiting-to-be-had way. You could cut the air with a knife as I nosed under her bush and her cunt yielded to my cock. Julie told me much later that the previous night she and Martin had fantasy fucked, with me in the starring role, and when Martin’s cock had gone in her, pretending to be me having her, they had both come intensely. Happening for real it was even better still because although my 6 x 8 isn’t a true giant, it was noticeably more filling than Martin’s. Julie was slightly tight for me, hot, soaking wet and just right in fact. She gave a soft “Ooh” as I went past the ‘husband only’ sign and down and deep round her cervix. Martin said later all he saw from behind the bar were Julie’s shoulders relaxing and her knees starting jerking steadily either side of me. He was poleaxed with humiliation and turn-on by his missus going firmly on my ‘pulled’ list and her rhythmic guttural moaning as she was 'broached'.

Julie fitted like a glove, and I simply knew it was her first away match, with an understanding that where a cock has succeeded it tends to go again, whatever a husband might want. All I had to do to claim visiting rights was leave a calling card from my balls in conquest. So I did, and Julie clamped her legs round me enthusiastically as she finally felt me do her ‘all the way’. What sealed my visiting rights, she said later, was that I pulled out, licked her looking up at her through her legs, got incredibly hard immediately, and just got straight back for seconds. We were both incredibly turned on by the illicitness of it, and we never forgot that evening. Now I pulled her nightie off, and she said “Do me on the bar”, which we just managed. She started to squeal steadily, as the hard bar made my larger than her usual cock feel even more demanding. I could see her bouncers bouncing with big hard suckable nipples, and we both shared down looking between her 'respectable' legs to see sex in progress. Inside she was fantastically ready and her hips danced for cock. Of course she wanted Martin to see everything, though I didn’t know that then. She said later she felt a great sense of power at turning Martin and me on and at cuckolding him. This second fuck was even more intense than the first; as I had successfully had her cy this one was all about me savouring her for as long as I wanted to fuck her. Martin later said he was blown away by Julie’s familiar legs around me; her familiar bush glistening with my telltale come, and the familiar sound of Julie in the throes of sex but to the rhythm of a large visiting cock taking a surrender neither of them would forget. It began to dawn on him that this might not be a one off if I felt like taking things further. After Julie and I calmed down we went to our separate beds, and when I left the next day Julie checked me out of the pub. I was very discreet with the other staff being there and gave no hint at all of what had happened, but she said very pointedly that I was welcome to come back any time.

About six weeks later I rang to book a room and Martin took my call. When I arrived, Julie took me out for a drink in the garden, and when I made a discreet pass at her, she was relieved and gingerly explained everything, and that she and Martin wanted things to continue if I did. The only requirement was 110% discretion, not least because of the children. She and Martin would arrange times to suit my requirements. Later that evening, extra help took over behind the bar. Julie went up to ‘look after the children’, and a few minutes later Martin followed up to their flat. Julie came to my room, and Martin looked after the children whilst Julie, respectable mother and community pillar, fucked her (and my) brains out. She loved being a whore on demand for a privileged guest. Previously unexplored parts like her bum went permanently on my visiting rights list, and she made no bones about swallowing. She went back to Martin quite late, without washing. She brought my morning tea, and fucked again quickly before going down to sort out breakfast. Over the next few days she had masses of sex, going straight from me to Martin. Martin and I each had wonderful sex with Julie that week.

The key (and I leave this for readers to remember) was that I also got on well with Martin. He was as much part of this as Julie. Long ago I learned that married people need plenty of space to adjust to adventurous sex, without coarse crowing in reality, whatever fantasies one has in the heat of the moment. There are real people there. Martin and I got to know each other in a non-competitive friendship and we had that secret camaraderie that men can have when they are both having the same woman. Julie and Martin trusted me, and I didn’t let them down. We became good friends, with benefits as they say, and I still stay there on my travels, even after four years. The cuckolding was their initial thing, but we moved on from there to do almost all the things that three people can do together. 'Martin' and 'Julie' have since moved to another pub.