Written by Rex

1 Oct 2016

When this came about it happened quickly with out much warning I had always harbored this idea about Carol my wife getting laid but it was really a non starter, I don't think Iam alone thinking what I did but it never happen so I put it out of my mind

We have been married twenty years the kids off our hands the youngest one had go off traveling for a year

Carol got a job with a charity that did something overseas with immigrants I am not sure exactly what but she worked in the local office

This started with a phone call one afternoon it was Carol she said there was a problem at work they had this lad who had no where to go or stay could we or would I mind if we put him up fir a couple of days we had plenty of room, I just said okay if it's a day or so

I was thinking why not help out never know when you may need a hand any way I got home to find this young Nigerian lad be about eighteen or nineteen he spoke not bad English and looked a bit lost

I felt sorry for him Jo was his name or what we called him, a couple of days went to a week then three weeks, he made himself at home by then

He had been with us about a month and I started to notice how he sometimes looked at Carol I said to her he fancy you Carol laughed

saying I an older enough to be his mother

After I had said that it was not obvious at first but I am sure Carol was in away flirting a little with him

Then one weekend I walked into the kitchen and they both where in there quite close together Jo quickly moved away when I came in Carol looked flustered , I didn't say anything, on the Sunday I was in the garden and I sure I caught a glimpse in the window of then close together I think my wife had her arms round Jo

That night in bed I said to Carol Jo is a really nice guy and she said she thought so and then went on singing his praises, and when I said you like him a lot she said yes I do, I carried on saying he really like you a lot once more she was flustered, as I said why don't you get to know him better I have notice you are getting close, she was very quiet before she asked what I meant, I jest said I wouldn't mind if you did, and rolled over to go to sleep

A couple of nights later she asked what I meant the other night, I took a big chance when I said, if you like Jo take it a bit further, once again she went quiet thinking, before asking what are you saying sleep with him

She didn't seem angry it was like she was asking a question, so I said yes

It came as surprise to hear her say would you mind, taking another chance I said, you are getting close to that, I was guessing right when she said he wants to , so this time I jumped in saying you can I wouldn't mind

She sat up in bed and asked do you know what you are saying but in stead of giving me ear bending, she said are you sure would you get upset if I did

Bloody hell I had got my wife talking about being fucked by a young black lad, so I said I would like you to and put her hand on my dick, it was her that was surprised she said you do want me to you are are horny it makes you horny, so I said yes why don't you go and see him now

Carol lay back in the bed and after a few moments asked if I did wouldyou be alright are you sure, I told her to go

She lay there a little while and then asked again are you sure I told her I was very sure, she never said anything, then she slipped out of bed at first I thought she was going to the bathroom, I was shocked to see her go to the bedroom door and watched as she went out onto the landing with just her nightdress, I lay there shocked I think after ten minutes she hadn't come back another five minutes and she was not back so I went out down stairs was dark she not down there, I went to our sons room where Jo was and I could hear voices inside she was in there

I will just say my sons bedroom and the one next door share a bathroom I went in the room next door veey quietly, I opened the bathroom door slowly the other door was almost wide open the bedside light was on in Jo's room, Carol sat sideways on the bed kissing Jo I watched his hands moving over her back it was pulling her nightdress up I could see most of her white thigh on one leg , one of his hands went lower the nightdress pulled right up over her bum as his large black hand went round he bum cheek, she seemed to kiss him harder as she move one leg right on the bed

Jo's finger had room to go between my wife's arse cheeks and all his finger went between them he must be touching her fanny, I sure she moaned

The way they kissed and what was happening made me think they had already got to know each other a lot better than I thought before this, I was sure Carol hadn't gone all the way but maybe got close and that would explain her willingness now

As I watched it looked as if Jo couldn't retch any further so he tried to get her nightdress off he pushed it right up her back

After a moment or two Carol stopped kissing and sat up and pulled it over her head, doing that it made her tits wobble and sway, Carol had a large bust it do sag and tend to hang down with out a bra, her nipples are large with a very dark circle round the nipple which is quite long

I often thought her nipples got a lot darker and longer after breast feeding that is why they are like that now, and the only time they get stiff is when she is turned on and right now they looked very stiff as they pointed down

Jo also noticed this and started playing with them as she was sitting up Carol seemed to be looking down watching him play with her breasts , he move his head closer, than what my wife did shocked me she got hold of one breast bending a little she offered the nipple to him, he started sucal Carol had her eyes closed she was enjoying it, she then took that one away from him the mipple was really exstended and very hard, she feed him the other holding it for him it really looked as if she was breastfeeding him it was the look on he face that said it all she was loving it

That was going on for some time with my wife changing breasts a few times. after a time she reached over and tugged the covers off him he helped by kicking them right off the bed, he had boxes on and he lay on his back, it was when Carol's other hand went over to his boxes if I had of noticed there was a clue of what he had hidden in his shorts, he hand was on his shorts it looked as id she gripped his cock then ran the palm of her hand over his dick how far she was moving her had should of give a clue and the way she was looking at him when she did that would of told me Jo was really big and it was going to be a real changing point for my wife

Carol was really enjoying what Jo was doing to her breasts but her attention move to his crotch, she had found something very different to what she been used to for years, she was trying to tug his boxes down with one hand , Jo then helped and pushed them down and then off

Carol sat up as if surprised the look on her said she was surprised , I couldn't see what it was that well till her hand slowly went round it and lifted it. Jo's cock was huge, she had it in her hand it was pointing up at the time I could only guess but it looked something like twice as long as mine and the way her hand was two or three times as thick, later I was proved to be not to far out

I would of like to know what Carol was thinking right then obviously

she had no idea of what he had got, Jo lat interest in her nipples as she started to slowly wank him as she stared at i, then started using both hands she had plenty of room with both hand round it ine on top od the other and there was still an inch or so plus the bell end left above them

After a moment or two, she bent forward to do something she not don't to me in years, still with both hands round it she opened her mouth really wide as she took the pop part in her mouth, it was incredible she was slowly pumping the shaft up and down and at the same time she had the end in her mouth

Jo was trying to get Carol to move up om the bed more she obliged

the put her on her knees as he tried to get a hand between her thighs she pushed her knees apart his finger went into her pussy he was fingering her quite hard, it was quite a sight she was holding on to his cock the end in her mouth her large tits swaying the nipple rock hard and the contrast she looked very pale white compared to him he seemed even blacker

They stayed like that for a short time, it looked as if Jo need to ride her because he was pulling away and trying to get her on her back there was a few seconds of confusion with Carol till he got her laying down and he had moved round and he was parting her legs she then knew what he wanted and opened her legs wide, a he got between then I had a good view of that cock it was massive, for some reason up to this night I had never thought about Jo being hung like that it may of been because he was eighteen and I was thinking of him being only a boy

He was now between her thighs sitting up holding that thing in his hand as he leant forward pushing his cock down, I held my breath I did think will he get that in my wife if he do were will it go, he fumbled for a second or two, then Carol said very loudly Jooooo she gasped before saying even louder my Cristed, he was bearing down on top of her as her head went back on the pillow, he was pushing as her her legs got even wider as he sank into her pussy, she gasped Jo oh Jo you are big, he gave a thrust from his hips she cried out I guess he got it all home it was surprising she had accommodated all his cock but it looked like she had

They where still Carol put her arms round his neck and they kissed as they did he started to gently move his hips, as he did my wife brock the kiss off, and was looking up at him and said oh my god Jo in what seemed a loving way, I am sure she had no idea of what was about to happen I know I didn't, Jo started given Carol slow lazy strokes the did get longer till he was using most of his length they were making her moan she wa enjoying her new lover and his extra size

That carried on for quite a few minutes and she did sound as if she may cum, he keep that up going a little faster till she did climax

She was still cumming as he lefted her legs up into the aye then on his shoulder at first she seemed a tad uncomfortable, we don't do that but she could do little about it he had traped her, once there it lifted her bum up a little off the bed,he followed that with a number of a lot harder thrusts which made her squeal I guess he got a little deeper

Jo was ready to fuck Carol for real, he started with what looked like a rolling atchon which made his back arch, it was faster but still very deep

That made her breather deeper and more labored, Jo then came down more on top of her that pished her legs back and more onto her, he was now thrusting with his hole body in a more determined way, she said oh Jo, I thought bloody hell she going to cum again

Before she did Jo started to rip into her, with out warning he was pounding her pussy there was sapping noise that went to more like clapping the bed was squeaking and rocking under them with moments Carol went crazy she was making all sorts of noises her head rolled she was screaming having a massive orgaum

Jo ended up holding himself on his arms his legs out he lifted up on his toes I have never know any one fuxk so hard and fast, he keep it up for ages, god knows what it did to my wife she was gripping the bottom sheet in her hand her body shaking her head back mouth open I am sure she was having a massive orgaum Jo's cock was going in and out like a black piston, how the hell could he keep going like that I guess he lasted ten minutes like that, it had to happen no one could keep going like that Jo drove in as deep as he could go his bum cheeks clinched he body jerked his balls emptied inside my wife, the room was filled with heavy breathing

I moved slowly back into the other bedroom and went back to our room and got in bed, I was in a state of shock , I think I thought Carol wouldn't really do it but I had told her to was it a big mistake

I expected her back I lay in the dark waiting it was almost two am before the door opened she went in the bathroom then slipped into bed

She lay there a moment or two then asked are you awake, I said yes and then are you okay, she quietly said yes, then Carol asked are you angry, I told her no and carried on saying you enjoyed it his very well hund, Carol said yes then thought a second or two and said louder how do you know

I said I watched, she asked how, I told her I was in the adjoining bathroom

Carol seened at first a bit angry then , she went quiet before saying it didn't upset you then, I told her no not at all

She then wanted to know what we will do now, I put the light on and saiud nothing he gave you what I can't and I could see how much you enjoyed it he is here no one knows so carry on, Carol wanted to know if I meant that once I convinced her did

She changed and said that was the best sex she had ever had, I hugged her saying Ia could see that, she was telling me she loved me when I slipped my had between her legs she held me off to started with then let go

I have never felt her pussy like that before it was really sloppy and slimy and very lose, as I rolled on her pulling her nightdress up she asked was I suremy ciock slid into her and I started to fuck her I couldn't last very long I cum vert quickly, I think Carol couldn't say no she knew she had to look after me

That was only the start after that Jo became a very big part of out life in and out of bed he shear our bed and I shear my wife with him and its working there is more to tell