30 Aug 2017

Some time ago I told you about Rachel and I meeting a couple named Wendy and Tony at a rugby club party where Rachel was fucked regularly by the captain Bob.

Well at that party Rachel was well fucked by 5 guys while two other wives played with me and the guys in turn.

It was this party where I first fucked with Wendy whose husband Tony fucked Rachel and Wendy gave me a running commentry on how Tony and Rachel were performing, look up cocksur back about 2 years story titled Farewell to Bob.

After this party and our meeting with Tony and Wendy we became regular friends, Wendy as I said was a short lady with a full size boby and 38d tits, Tony a tall guy with a good size cock according to Rachel.

We met up for swinging parties where Tony would take Rachel to our bedroom while Wendy and I had another room.

Tony would start by massaging Rachel all over playing with her tits getting her nipples hard as he sucked on each in turn, then moving his tongue down her body to find her clit which he licked out and sucked till I coud hear Rachel screaming for his 9" cock to fuck her.

Tony would get Rachel on all fours to fuck her doggy style from behind while playing with her swinging tits, this got Rachel real horny and could hear her shout harder fuck me harder fill my cunt with all your spunk.

While they were busy enjoying themselves, Wendy and I would be making fun , Wendy a well built lady with gorgeous large tits would start dancing provocatively in front of me as she took off her top to reveal her tits, then come up to me and bury my face between them, I run my hands over her body down between her legs and pulling her g-string off and her skirt to leave her naked as she dances in front of me lifting her tits towards me and teasing her nipples in my face.

My hands exploring her now smooth and wet cunt, slipping a finger into her, then more fingers playing with her clit and finger fucking her cunt. Now Wendy moved round to start licking my now naked body and along the length of my cock making it grow to a hard length, taking it fully into her mouth sucking me off till she was gaging for air.

We move to a 69 position Wendy under me as she sucks my cock I lick her clit getting my tongue into her cunt , I can feel her getting wetter and starting to cum, I keep this going until she can hold back no more and orgasms into my mouth, I'm getting to the point of no return and start to shoot my load in her mouth and over her tits as I pull out. We both lye back for rest and time to recover for more excitment.

In the meantime I can hear Tony and Rachel as she shouts for more of his cock to fill her cunt, I can hear her say come on Tony fuck me harder shoot your spunk up my cunt I want every drop up me, fuck me fuck me harder as I can hear the bed next door rocking and hitting the wall firmly, then a scream as she orgasms and he shoots his load where she wants it.

Wendy now moves round and starts to massage my cock back to life rubbing me gently at first and getting more vigerous, I'm fingering her pussy, she's getting horny again and then spreads her legs wide and says get in there between them its time you gave me what Rachels getting, I want fucking good and hard, I slide my cock against the lips of her wet cunt and slip into her with no trouble, Wendy now starts to talk real dirty and sexy telling me how she wants fucking real hard, fuck me harder she shouts I'm coming again, shoot your spunk up my cunt just as Tony as filled Rachel, I'm pumping into Wendy fast and furiousas she starts to orgasm squirting down between my legs as I now orgasm shooting my load into her. We all carry on fucking and listening to each other from our respective rooms for a few hours till we all fall asleep to wake the following morning with the lady we fell asleep with.

In the morning after some more sex with each other's wife we shower and dress for Tony and Wendy to leave after breakfast with a date set for a return for another time.

Wendy and I have a few private meetings on our own without Tony or Rachel but thats another story as I'm sure Tony meets up with Rachel when I'm away.