Written by Naughtyr

17 Dec 2012

This is my version of Jack's story 'meeting Rachel'.

A few months ago I had to attend one of these boring conferences for the dental profession in London. The conference was pretty uneventful but my journey home turned into an unexpected cock fest.

At 4 pm I headed for Euston station to catch the 4.30 pm to Manchester and then on to home near Edinburgh. When I arrived at the station I discovered much to my annoyance that the train had been cancelled. I decided to go to a bar for a drink whilst I considered my options. As I walked in to the crowded bar, I to my horror caught this guys pint with my shoulder bag and deposited it all over the table and him. As I looked at him and the mess I had made I noticed he had been at the same conference due to the Glaxo sponsored bag by his side. I apologised most profusely and immediately offered to bu him another drink. It turned out that Jack was in the same predicament as me; he too was due to get the same train. Jack was in his mid 40's and very distinguished looking; even covered in beer I found him a very attarctive man.

I decided I better call my husband to tell him that I would not be home tonight and make arrangements to get the kids to school in the morning. To say he was less than understanding is an understatement; he was furious that he would be put out by my delay in getting home. The call ended with him hanging up on me such was his rage. Fuck you I thought......I'll get my own back and Jack unknown to him at this point was going to help me.

As I finished my drink I said to Jack that I was going to pop to the ladies. I came out of the ladies and noticed Jack in the disabled loo trying to clean himself up a little. I decided that I would help him as I had been the cause of his wet shirt and trousers. I grabbed some hand towels and started to try to clean up his shirt; before moving to his trousers. As I rubbed at his trousers I could see his cock starting to grow....I just pulled him to me and started kissing him with animal passion. I turned and locked the door as he pushed my skirt up around my waist revealing my lace top stockings and suspenders. He undid his belt and trousers letting them fall to the floor whilst releasing a very impressive hard cock. Without a word said I grabbed his cock, pulled my thong aside and guided him into my smooth wet pussy. He fucked me really hard and fast up against the wall...'fuck me hard u dirty bastard' I told him as he pounded into me....'fill me with ur cum'. This was just pure dirty revengeful sex brought on by my unreasonable husband. Jack kept pumping me really hard until I felt him swell and with a shudder he unloaded his cum deep in my pussy.

We quickly tidied ourselves up and I told him to wait for me....this was only the beginning of my revenge.

There was to be no train tonight and we both needed somewhere to stay. Luckily I still had the keys for my friend Sarah's flat so I asked Jack if he would like to join me....he didn't take much persuading. We jumped in a taxi and headed off to Kentish Town.

On reaching Sarah's I said to Jack that there was wine in the fridge and I was off for a shower. I came out the shower and wrapped in a towel headed to the lounge where Jack was sprawled on the sofa watching telly. A couple of slugs of wine and I needed some more fun; so I slowly undid his trousers to get his big cock out to give him a good sucking. It was big and hard and I could taste my own juices from our earlier fuck. I bobbed my head up and down his lovely shaft whilst playing with his balls. 'Ok big boy time to get dressed' I said as I stopped and headed for the bedroom. Jack followed telling me that I couldn't leave him like this, with a huge hard on. He was right....I pushed him back onto the bed and mounted him, impaling myself on his rigid cock I rode up and down as he played with my erect nipples. I rode faster and faster as I felt an orgasm approaching, fucking his cock until my juices exploded all over him. I climbed off and told him to take me doggy, my favorite position, he fucked me hard and really fast forcing my head into the pillow. He pumped in and out telling me what a dirty bitch I was until he exploded again giving my pussy another lot of his cream. It was now time I told him to get cleaned up and dressed to go for dinner and clubbing.

Luckily I had a sexy outfit with me, so I dressed in blue fishnet stockings with a matching blue satin suspender belt, bra and thong over which I wore an electric blue and black dress. I slipped on my fuck me heels and I was ready. Jack looked pretty good too in a suit and shirt.

So off we headed for what turned out to be a pretty uneventful meal at a place in Covent Garden. When we finished the meal I wanted to go clubbing but Jack didn't seem too keen; however he agreed and we headed into a rather dimly lit club. After a drink and a couple of dances with Jack a very fit looking young guy asked me to dance. It turned out he was a US marine on a night out with four friends. He was extremely good looking and paid me lots of compliments. At the end of the dance he took me over to a table and introduced me to his rather fit looking mates. They bought Jack and I drinks and took it in turn to dance with me never missing an opportunity to let their hands explore my body, feeling my suspenders and ass. I was becoming extremely horny with all the attention from these young men and at one point I had one french kissing me whilst another slid his hand up my dress discovering my stockings to his delight before letting his fingers explore further pulling aside my soaking thong and rubbing my smooth wet pussy. He slipped in a couple of fingers and fucked me under the table, his fingers mixing my juices with Jacks two loads of spunk. He pulled his fingers out and stuck them in my greedy mouth whilst telling me I was going to be their play piece. Jack was obviously becoming concerned so I took him aside and told him that not to worry...'I am in control'

We went back to the table and Jack told them that I was up for some fun, but there would be no gang bang, just a Bukkake if they were up for it. They were, so we piled out of the club into a couple of taxis and headed for their flat. In the Taxi I had a marine either side of me and soon my dress was around my waist and two sets of hands were playing with my suspenders and pussy as I rubbed their stiff cocks through their trousers.

We arrived at the flat and drinks were poured and porn was put on a large screen TV as we all danced and I was kissed and groped by lots of hands. I asked the boys to go put on uniform trousers and nothing else as I removed my dress. A few minutes later I was on my knees in just my fishnet stockings, bra, thong and fuck me heels surrounded by five fit young toned guys and Jack (reasonably toned for 40 ish). One by one I went round them undoing their trousers and releasing their hard young cocks. I took it in turn to suck and wank them, licking and sucking their balls and shafts. I told them they would be giving me a shower before I left, and water was not involved, only hot spunk.

As I continued to suck and wank them on guy started to film the experience, taking footage as cock after cock was fed in and out of my mouth and my hands went back and forward from wanking them to playing with my clit. One of the marines decided he would help me and lay underneath me, removing my thong so he could lick and suck on my soaking wet swollen pussy. I was in heaven as I sucked and wanked these big young cocks. I know I had said no fucking but the guy licking me had the biggest cock in the room and it was pointing to the ceiling just in front of me, so tempting, I slid forward and mounted his huge big cock. I started to fuck him reverse cowgirl whilst still sucking on his mates cocks; I could feel one swell in my mouth as hot cum stared to spew down my throat, forcing me to gag, I fucked faster up on down on the monster in my pussy until I gushed all over his cock and the carpet. Another guy erupted all over my tits as another splashed over my face. The last two including Jack wanked furiously spraying me in cum just as the guy underneath me gave my pussy another load of spunk. I climbed off him and a strange calm hit the room. I was covered in five loads of cum and filled with another.....it had been heaven.

I cleaned up in the bathroom and dressed before saying my goodbyes then heading back with Jack in a taxi to Sarah's. Jack told me that he had never had such an erotic experience....neither had I. We got into the flat and climbed into bed for one more dirty fuck before falling asleep in each others arms.

In the morning I slipped out of bed for a shower as Jack was still asleep. I got dressed and was in the kitchen making us some breakfast when Jack came through. He was naked and his cock semi erect. He came over to give me a good morning kiss running his hands over my ass and thighs feeling my suspenders through my skirt. His cock hardened, pushing against my belly......'now what would you like for breakfast Jack?' I knew the answer as he pulled up my skirt and bent me over the kitchen table, slipping his cock into me from behind and fucking me hard as he told me to take this load home to my hubby.

We left the flat soon after to go and get our train to Scotland and there ended the journey.

Revenge was sweet and incredibly horny.....think hubby will have learnt his lesson.