Written by yougstud

27 Oct 2008

I have just returned from a weeks holiday in Majorca, being early October it was rather quite and the hotel was not very busy. On my first day around the pool I got talking to two ladies, Sally and Tina who had celibrated their 5oth birthday only a couple of weeks earlier, their husbands had paid for them to have a week away togrther as a present. Later that evening I saw them the bar after dinner, they now looked very stunning all dressed up in their best gear and I bought them a drink and we got chatting. They told me they would love to go for a tour around the bars but as they never went out on their own at home they were nervous and asked if I would like to join them. Being a randy 23 year old male I jumped at the chance to escort two good looking 50 year old ladies on a night out. We visited a few bars and had quite a bit to drink, both ladies were now begining to loosen up and I danced with both of them a few times, while I was having a slow dance with Sally she was getting quite daring and was running her hands over my bottom and I was responding by pulling her close so she could feel my now massive erection. As we look over to Tina we noticed that she was now slumped in the seat feeling the effects of all the drink she had consumed, we decided we had to get her back to the hotel asap. After a lot of effort we managed to get her back to their hotel room and lay her on the bed, as she lay there her dress had ridden up and I could see her crisp white panties pulled tight over her arse and fanny, this gave me a massive hard on and I would loved to have pulled them to one side and fucked her but that did not seem right. As Tina was now out of it on the bed Sally began to get very friendly towards me and was now snogging me and I was starting to run my hands up her legs and under her dress when her mobile phone rang, she walked onto the balcony and took the call leaning over the balcony rail. The view I had was great, her dress had ridden up and I could just about see her black panties, this really turned me on and I thought what the hell and moved behind her running my hand up her leg lifting her dress higher to reveal her underwear was in fact a black thong, she put up no resistance so I worked my finger insde her thong and started to feal her now very wet fanny. She was still talking on the phone and I was stunned when I discovered she was talking to her husband while I was feeling her cunt, I had now got a couple of fingers deep inside her and was giving her a good finger fucking, all the time she continued her talking to hubby while moving her bottom about to assist my actions. After a while my cock was bursting to get out of my trousers so I somehow managed to drop my trousers and pants while still fingering her and then pulled my fingers out and pushed my 9 inch cock into her fanny entrance, this shocked her a bit but she still put up no resistance so in one good push I slide my full 9 inches up to the hilt. This was to much for her to continue her chat with hubby and she quickly finished the conversation and I procedered to give her a good shagging in the doggy position bent over the balcony with her friend out of it on the bed inside. Afterwards she told me it was the first time she had been unfaithfull in 30 years of marriage. I met these two ladies every night for the rest of the holiday and have a few more tails to tell.