Written by John -cummer

9 Apr 2008

I was on cloud nine all day Friday thinking about the night before and shagging Tracie's sister and daughter. I could not wait for Saturday the day of Tracie's wedding so I could go to her flat early in the morning as she had asked. 7 am Sarurday I was knocking on Tracie's door and greeted by the supurb sight of her dressed in her full wedding outfit, see looked stunning, red dress, flower in her hair and bright red lipstick covering her lips. We went to the kitchen and my cock twitched when I saw the table I had fucked Tracie's daughtr over only hours earlier. She explained that she wanted this marriage to work and we must stop our fucking from today but she would like one last session in the gear see would say her wedding vows in. With that see dropped to her kness, undid and pulled down me trousers and pants and started to give me one of her super blowjobs, she was really going for and I could see her bright red lips working their way up and down the full lenght of my shaft. I couldonly take this for 5 minutes when my balls tightened and I shot my full load of spunk down the back of her throat, Tracie swollowed and took the lot. she then rose to her feet and started snogging me, I could taste the spunk still in her mouth and this soon had me fully aroused again. I now took control and bent over the kitchen table lifting her red wedding dress up above her waist to reveal black stockings and suspenders and a silk black thong, I pulled the thong gusset to one and slipped two fingers into her soaking fanny, she was so tuned one I knew she was begging for it. I removed my fingers and positioed my now fully erect cock at her cunt entrace and slowly slide the full lenght full in until my balls hit her arse, I then started to fuck her slowly to start but building speed over time. What a sight I had a 41 year randy woman bent over her kitchen table with my 9 incher pistoning in and out. I lasted about 15 minutes and Tracie had a least four massive orgasms before I felt me balls tighed again and my full load of fertile spunk shoot deep into her love hole. We both took a while to recover from that and then had a slower fuck in Tracie's bed before I left her to enjoy her wedding day knowing that I would see her at the evening do and she would still have my spuck swimming inside her. I may not be at the actual wedding but part of me will. Evening do follow soon!!!!