Written by Nawtyshropscpl

1 Aug 2018

The wife annonces she off to bed I said I would follow shortly, which normally means a couple of hours later, but last night I followed about 20 mins later.

The bedroom was dark but the hallway light shone enough to see Mrs N was on top of the bed covers. We both sleep naked btw.

I climb in and cuddle up lightly brushing one of her nipples, (playing with her nipples really turns her on) she backs in to me which gives me the green light to keep playing with her. As I do I make a bee line for her pussy only to find she beaten me to it, she wants to keep doing it herself so i turn her on to her back place myself between her open legs and start sucking her nipples one by one whilst she keeps playing with her now vwery wet pussy. She now moves my hard cock below her hand thats firmly embedded in her soaking hole as she brings herself to a climax she pulls her fingers out and pushes my eager cock inside.

I now oblige to pound her deep and hard as she continues to come over my cock.

Now I say to her I bet you wish you had more that one inside you she replies that would be great and i bet you would love to have a woman getting you ready for both cocks. I tell her I want her to 69 a woman and once she ready I and the other will take over whilst the other woman sucks her nipples and watches her being pounded by us both. This really turns on on again and I feel her juices gushing around my cock.

I turn her over and she says I wish I had 3 cocks in me right now. I pound her even harder calling her a dirty bitch which she loves. Pounding for all im worth I feel her cum again its too much for me and I empty my balls deep inside her.

Less than an hour later we are back at it again.

Now this is a true story now I am going to make her wish come true very soon. I have a couple from here in mind and as soon as I can arrange it. It will happen. Watch this space for a return bout with the couple. My wife will be gushing by the time all three of us are finished with her.