Written by wellwoman76

6 Nov 2008

I am a 44 year old divorcee who has been on her own for over 3 years. I have had a few of one night stands mostly with twentysomethings who just want to shag an attractive older woman. Most of them were next to useless in bed, usually coming in seconds and then fingering me like a 16 year old before falling asleep. The only good one I found turned out to be married !

Last year a new woman started working in our office called Fi. Fi was in her late forties and very attractive. We hit it off straight away and began to socialise out of work.

We joined a gym together and would always have a drink after working out.

After one particular session we were chatting when the conversation turned to my love life or lack of it. I explained to Fi how horny I was and how frustrated that I was not getting any good sex.I had pulled the previous Friday night but got no action after he fell asleep in the cab home.

I could see that Fi was thinking quite deeply when she suddenly said she had something to tell me. She took a deep breath and just blurted out that she and her husband Jon were swingers and had been for sometime. She then described in some details how they got into it and what they did.

Whilst most of their activities were swapping with other couples, Jon loved to see Fi being pleasured by other men, so much so that they had begun having evenings where Fi would entertain up to 3 guys including Jon.

Fi told me that the following Saturday Jon had arranged a little party with 3 other guys and just herself. She then told me I could come along and join in the fun. She told me to go away and think about it and call her.

As soon as I got home I had my fingers inside my panties and I frigged myself to a wonderful climax. I decided there and then to go for it.

Saturday came and I spend all day preparing, I bathed and shaved my fanny, put on a nice black thong, no bra and a lovely summer dress.

I arrived at Jon and Fi`s. Jon was a good looking guy about 50 and he introduced me to Lee who was 35 with a good body and cropped hair, Al who was also in his 50`s who was stocky but had a nice smile. Then there was Darren who was only 26 and I knew was Fi`s treat for the night.

We all spent a couple of hours talking in the garden and I began to wonder if anything was going to happen when Fi came up to me and said that she was taking Darren and Jon upstairs. She told me that whatever happened was up to me and that I should enjoy myself. Lee and Al were not really my types but they werent that bad. Lee went inside and got a drink and on his return he commented on the noises from upstairs. I seized my chance and said that maybe we should go inside too.

Once inside the living room Lee took me in his arms and began to kiss me. His hands were exploring my body especially my arse. I just want to be fucked right there and then I was so turned on. I then felt the zip at the back of my dress being undone and I allowed my dress to fall to the floor. Lee gave his approval of my shapely hourglass figure with a wow as he looked me up and down. I then felt Al as he began to kiss my neck, his hands working there way from my arse around to my boobs and my very erect nipples, his rock hard cock pushing into my back. As he played with my boobs and kissed my neck I watched Lee undress, he had a lovely body and a very nice big cock.

Lee sat down on the settee and Al and I joined him with me in the middle. We spent ages fondling and kissing each other before I took Lees cock into my mouth. As I licked the pre cum off his bell end I felt Al insert a finger into my very wet cunt. I alternated between their two cocks before finally getting on my knees in front of Al. I loved giving blow jobs and Al was about to receive one of my best as I licked every inch of his cock, sucked on his balls and slowly wanked him off.Lee wasted no time in positioning himself behind me and soon his lovely manhood entered me. It felt so good having this big tool inside me and he slowly gave me every inch of his impressive length.

Al was close to coming and as I rubbed his cock faster and faster I told him to cum in my mouth which he did with wave after wave of lovely spunk.Lee pulled on my shoulder and I turned to see him wanking himself off, almost immediately as my mouth closed around his prick he too shot his load into me.

I sat back onto the settee and the boys were soon being very attentive to me. As Lee went down on me Al would play with my tits or kiss me passionately and vice versa. Both men made me cum and I was now ready for a good fucking. Lee was soon between my legs as I edged my arse to the edge of the settee. He rubbed his cock up and down my clit. I moaned with pleasure as I came again. I was so turned on that I just yelled out to him to put his cock into my cunt and fuck me. It had the desired effect as he pounded away at my sodden fanny, my legs against his shoulders, it was the best fuck I have ever had. After he came we both just lay there totally spent, with Lee`s juice dripping out of my fanny.

Al was hard again and keen for some action.I was still very horny and wanted my arse fucking too. Al was only to happy to oblige. He very slowly inched his cock into my arse as I bent over the arm of the settee , boy it felt good. Al was telling me how lovely and tight my arse was and I in return told him how much I wanted to feel his spunk shooting up my arse. As Al finished I felt well and truly fucked, it was great to have had some good, hard proper sex.

As I turned round I became aware that Jon had entered the room. His cock was very hard and he was stroking it slowly.

I was on my knees and without saying a word to each other I moved towards his cock. I could hear Fi upstairs moaning and groaning with pleasure and I began to suck Jon off. As the noises from Fi and Darren got louder Jon pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to wank himself furiously. I knelt there with my mouth open waiting to accept his cum. He shot an enormous load into my mouth and over my face and into my hair. As he finished I took his cock into my mouth again and the licked his cum from around my lips.

Jon then took me into the shower where we fucked each other whilst Fi entertained Lee, Al and Darrn upstairs.

We have since had a few more lovely Saturday evenings where I too have had a nice foursome.