Written by cheshire cd

20 Sep 2007

The following is a true encounter I had recently. I have been through it in my head so many times that the experience is indelibly etched on my brain. I may well have paraphrased the dialogue but the gist is still correct.

I arrived at the picnic area on the A556 (if you're local you'll know the one) having already changed in the car into black heels (about 4 inches), black hold-ups, black see-thru thong and a floaty "swishy" black miniskirt. My black t-shirt was tight, and I had applied crimson lippy and tied my naturally long curly hair in bunches.

It was about 9pm so it was dark, and I got out of the car and walked past the barrier towards the picnic tables located away from the parking lane. My heels made that lovely clacking sound on the tarmac and I couldn't resist adjusting my walk so that my hips swung as I tottered away from the relative safety of my car.

Upon reaching the picnic bench I thought I would sit down and have a smoke while waiting for any action. As soon as I lit up, I heard a rustle from the bushes behind me, and turned to see three younger guys (late teens/early 20's) emerging from the undergrowth. They looked quite sheepish and I could smell why (would appear their smokes contained more than tobacco!), I greeted them and one of them approached me and began to beg me not to report them for the stuff they were smoking.

I told him not to worry as lots of people came here for things that would be far more embarassing than a recreational toke or two. He asked me what I was getting at. I told him about the reputation of the layby at which point he called the other 2 over and assured them that all was ok. They introduced themselves as Gaz, Martin and Simon.

Simon, the oldest looking of the three said that I had a deep, sexy, husky voice at which point I admitted that I cross-dressed, and was in fact male. None of the lads seemed phased by the confession, and they started asking me questions about what I get up to. I answered them all honestly as I enjoyed the company of these three fit lads.

With all of this sexy talk I was almost bursting to have some fun. The boys were obviously uncomfortable with two of them shifting around in their seats and the other "adjusting" himself a lot. I said that I could help them with their "little problem" if they wanted, and they looked nervously at one another, each waiting for the other to make the first move.

Eventually I got up and the laid back on the picnic table and parted my legs showing off everything. At last I felt a hand caress my ankle and then sliding up my calf so slowly. Another hand began to caress my other leg, but he was much faster sliding his fingers up and over my knee until his fingers gently met with the bare flesh above the lace tops. With my heqd angling over the edge of the table, I was in the perfect position for Martin to present a very decent cock to my lips. I opened them and groaned my gratitude as it slipped over my tongue and he began slowly fucking my face.

The other two were together caressing my balls and cock through my thong, Martin got a fit of consience and started to go limp....he withdrew from my mouth and stepped back. As I sat up on the table the other two helped me get down and the continued to stand either side of me stroking my legs. Martin said that we should carry on and he'd keep a lookout. I knelt on the bench and leaned forward over the table as they rubbed my arse and by now prominent cock.

Simon came round the front, and presented me with an average sized dick, so I lavished it with my tongue, while asking him to treat me like a slut girlfriend. He grabbed my buches and then forced his cock deep into my mouth, I had to really concentrate to avoid the gag reflex as his end shoved over the back of my tongue and into my throat.

Gaz now pulled my thong to the side and spat on my hole, and immediately felt the pressure of him trying to gain entrance which forced me further onto Simon's cock. Gaz was pushing really hard and suddenly slipped in all the way to the base in one movement. The pain was intense for a second or two as I got used to his girth, he stayed still for a little while, all the time talking to me saying what a dirty little bitch they had found. This guy had a thick cock, I could tell, and as he began to pound away at me I could feel his hairy balls banging against my perineum, I had started to drip precum from the end of my cock onto the table, I felt a warm wet sensation and realised that Martin had returned and was sucking my cock from underneath the table...it took no time for me to shoot a huge load into his mouth. He tried to pull away and wasn't quick enough. He was gagging as the rest of my cum shot into his face and hair.

My orgasm groan set Simon off, and he thrust forward hard so my nose squashed into his pubes, pulling hard at my bunches, my throat and mouth were flooded with hot salty spunk. Just for a second I panicked as I thought he wasn't going to let me go so that I could breathe, but his vinegar spasms arrived and he released me to slide gently out of my sucking lips. I made a show of swallowing his seed, and felt Gaz swell up my arse. He quickened his pace and with a grunt and a sudden hard push he stilled himself pulling me hard by the pelvis onto his very broad dick. Again warmth flooded through my hole and it was then that I realised no condom had been used. As he withdrew with quite a long fart from me he ripped off my thong and balled it up before pushing it up my distended arse. I have to say I barely felt it go up.

Some of Gaz's cum had already dribbled from my arse to my balls and as I turned over I began rubbing it into me. Martin then told me to kneel on the grass and came and stood in front of me, he whipped out his cock and wiped it all over my face,slapping my cheek and lips with it. He turned and presented me with his arse so I licked and touched as much as I could while he jacked off, encouraged by the other guys to "spray the slut". He suddenly whelled around and pointed his hefty prick at me, with a couple more strokes he was hosing my face and hair with ropes of cum. The other two guys were by now standing either side of me wanking, and took it in turns to spurt over my face and hair.

They zipped up and hurried away, leaving me to stagger back to my car. I got back into my jeans and trainers, leaving the panties up me to prevent spoiling the car seat. I drove home and found that the mrs had gone to bed. So I scraped the spunk off my hair and face into a glass and also sqatted over it in the bathroom before removing the soaked thong from up my arse. About 2 tablespoonsfull joined the half glass already there. While it was sgtill slightly warm, I woke her and passed her the glass. She gulped it down in one go telling me that I was so thoughtfull not to waste my spunk in a tissue but save it for her in a glass.

If she only knew!