Written by Robby.

25 Nov 2017

My friends and I were very pleased when we received the invitation to Zoe.s wedding, the five of us had been close ever since we were all on the same course in Uni. Even though we all fancied Zoe like hell but she was more like a sister to us and we knew that any move on her would spoil the special relationship that we had.

The wedding was a lavish affair, held in a large country house in the West Country. The four of us lads decided to share a car to the venue. We had separate rooms reserved for us for two nights in the annex to the main building and after unpacking we spent a few hours in the bar. Zoe and her husband to be joined us for a short time but retired early. We all told him that he was a very lucky man.

The next day we all agreed that Zoe and her three bridesmaids looked stunning. Zoe of course was all in white while the bridesmaids wore blue dresses. Two of them were blond and the third was a striking redhead.

After the actual wedding ceremony and meal I decided to relax up in my room for a few hours to keep my head clear for the evening party. I had already drunk a fair bit over the meal and I must have fallen asleep for a few hours.

When I awoke I took a quick shower then rejoined the party in the main ballroom. The party was well underway and my mates joked that I must have picked up a woman.

Later, in the evening as I was standing by the bar the redheaded bridesmaid came over to me a took my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor. I have never been much of a dancer but I had a few dances with her and when a slow number was played by the DJ she put her arms around my neck and pressed herself tightly against me. She told me that her name was Clare and she worked with Zoe in the same laboratory. My hands were quite low behind her back and when I moved them a little lower to the top of her arse she pressed even harder against my groin and I am sure that she would have felt that my cock was becoming erect . Clare whispered in my ear that weddings always made her feel horny. When the music stopped she asked me to wait by the bar while she went to the ladies. When she returned she opened her hand showing me two condoms that she was holding and said that she needed a cock inside her. I asked if she wanted to come to my room but she said that she would be missed if she was away fro the party for long.

She put her arms around my neck again and as we danced she slowly moved us closer to the open french windows leading to the gardens. Then we stepped out into the darkness. We walked across the lawn for about fifty yards to a stand of large trees, when we were well hidden from sight of the house she unzipped my trousers, reached inside for my cock and pulled it out. Then she bent down and sucked the head into her mouth. I lifted the hem of her skirt and as she opened her legs a little I moved my hand up the inside of her thigh and felt that she had stockings and a suspender belt but she did not have any knickers on. She giggled and told me that she had taken them off when she went to get the condoms.

My fingers were exploring between Clare's legs and discovered that her pubic area was totally hairless and smooth. I ran a finger along the moist crease of her pussy and slowly pushed it into her. Even though I was enjoying the feeling of her lips and mouth around my cock I knew that she really wanted me to fuck her. She opened one of the foil wrappers and rolled the rubber onto my cock. I lifted her skirt up to her waist and tried to get between her legs but she said that she would get her back scratched by the bark if we fucked standing against the tree. She turned around and rested her hands on the tree, I stood behind her and slid the head of my cock between her pussy lips until I found the entrance to her cunt, I pressed my cock a little way into her and she pushed back onto me forcing it fully into her. I moved my hands around her and squeezed her breasts through the material of her dress. She was making quiet whimpering sounds and I felt she was using one of her hands on herself and pressing her fingers against her clit and my cock as I was thrusting into her.

I think that all the drinks that I had consumed that evening enabled me to continue fucking her for longer than I would have expected but all too soon I told her that I was cumming. I stayed still inside her until I had finished cumming into the condom, She pulled away from me and turned around, she was still holding her dress up to her waist, she asked me if I would lick her clit which would quickly make her cum. I crouched down and she covered my head with her dress as I flicked the tip of my tongue against her clit. Her thighs started to tremble and she cried out as I felt her juices cover my lips and chin. I continued to tease her with my tongue until she asked me to stop. I stood up and she helped me remove the used condom,from my softening cock, she suggested that I throw the condom into one of the nearby bins. She bent down again and licked the head of my cock clean before we straightened our clothes.

Clare kissed me and thanked me saying that she needed that, she then walked back to the party and asked if I could wait for a few minutes before following her. When I rejoined the party I found my friends and when they asked where I had been I said that I had felt I was going to throw up so I went into the gardens for some fresh air.

Looking around the dance floor I saw that Clare was still dancing but I made my excuses and told my mates that I was going to bed. I fell into bed and was soon asleep.

The next afternoon we packed all our luggage into the car for the long drive back to London. On the journey one of my mates told me that I had missed my chance by going to bed so early because one of the bridesmaids was gagging for it and had dragged him outside and fucked him against the wall, I asked which bridesmaid was it and he said that it was the redhead . It soon became clear that she had also given a blowjob to another one of my passengers which left the final one o pissed off saying that someone should have told him that he was missing out on getting a shag. I said nothing!