Written by mike

19 Sep 2009

julie my wife is very conservative where sex is concerned.she doesn't mind the usual things in the bedroom but is unwilling to experiment.i myself am just the opposite i would love to try other things such as toys,sexy talk,sharing fantasies etc.this year we holidayed for the first time without the kidsand she was a little braver in what she bathed in,skimpie bikinis etc.julie as a wonderful figure tall slim and gorgeous 36d breasts that still turn heads, not bad for a 50year old. while on holiday i got her to pose for more pictures than normal, in swimsuits and evening wear.after the first week we got talking to a couple, john and paula who were of a similar age to us. we went our for dinner and i have to say the 2 ladies looked stunning, after inner we went back to their apartment for drinks and to chat,it turned out that john was a freelance photographer and he did modelling shoots.i told him about julie been reluctant to pose naked or even topless for me, she blushed somewhat and then pauline said you should let john take some photos. i dont know if it was the drink or what but she agreed and said lets do it now. john got his camera and started snapping julie in her evening dress before asking her to remove the dress for some lingerie shots, this she did and really threw herself into it while paula and myself watched.john then said take off the underwear julie but then she became very hesitant, we all told her that she looked great then paula said she would pose naked as well if it helped,julie said she would try,so paula revealed her wonderful body then julie followed suit,john was busy clicking away and telling both girls to get into different poses each one becoming more sexy.john went to change his film and the girls had another drink,i thought maybe a few more shots then that would be it. john then said what about some action shots, julie asked what he meant,and i must admit that when he replied that the two girls touch and kiss each other i got a hard on.julie wasn't sure but paula didn't wait for an answer she immediately put her arms around julie's waist then stated to fondle her breasts before kissing her on the lips,julie responded and moaned with pleasure all the time john was snappin away. john then passed me the camera and said shoot away mike its good practice.in a instant john was naked and joined the girls who had now got on the floor, my head was all over as john licked at julie's pussy while paula was kissing her breasts all the while i was taking photos. julie was in heaven i couldn't believe this was my shy reluctant wife as john took her from behind driving his huge penis into her as she screamed with delight, john pumped away until he was ready to come then he turned her over and spermed over her face and breasts. paula made sure i wasn't left out as she sucked me to a orgasm while i was still shooting my beautiful wife covered in another mans sperm. john posted us the shots when we got home and they have been the prelude to many a good sex session since.