6 Jul 2015

When Debbie and I first met we did like a lot of young couples we spent a lot of time in the back of my car. She lived at home and I in digs as I'd recently graduated so our opportunities for a more relaxed setting was limited. This did not deter us and we found any place we could to park up.

Debs was and still is stunning well I would say that as I married her. But truly she was. 36b 23 36 and the most lovely firm tits with small but intensely sensitive nipples. She was not shy and happy to dress to impress but never in a tarty way.

Her older sister and her boyfriend introduced us to naturism at Slapton beach near Kingsbridge. Rachel joking said when Pete sunbathes his cock leaves a white patch on his thigh and sure enough when he undressed it just hung down. I thought Debs would not want to look as its was her sisters boyfriend but her jaw nearly dropped in amazement. I cannot deny I was a bit envious and jealous that debs cold react that way. Fortunately Rachel made a joke of it to Debs and we had a great day sunbathing.

We spent many of sunny weekend day on that beach usually without Rachel and Peter. As Debs confidence grew she would suggest we did a wander along the sea line to have a paddle and maybe swim but I noticed it also meant a wander through the sunbathers and especially the guys. I did rib her about it but quipped back that she needed to ensure that the guy she was about to marry was the correct one.

One Saturday in August when we arrived at the beach she held my hand and we wandered trough the sunbathers. The families kept mainly in one area and single guys further away and there was a separate area which was known to be gay orientated. It was actually relatively quiet so people were well spread out. She led us to the more male dominated area and found a chap on his own lying on his back. She made sure he saw us arrive by walking in front of him then around behind. She put her bag down l down 5 or 6 feet behind and we got undresssed. We did the suncream ritual to each other and lay down to soak up the rays.

It was very hot and I could see the sweat beads forming on her body so I suggested we went for a dip which she readily accepted and we ran straight into the invigorating cold water. If only it was the Med I said. Anyway when we came out my nuts had disappeared completely but Debbie's tits looked fantastic and her nipples really standing out. We walked back up the beach and it was obvious the guy directly in front of us was looking straight at Debs. Of course when we got back to our spot he was still facing the wrong way and toward the sea. I don't know what went through his mind Probably not to be too obvious but in less than 5 minutes he had turned over onto his stomach and would have been looking straight at Debs Pussy less than 6' away.

She asked me for the suncream and applied a seriously excessive amount which she liberally applied to her breasts rubbing it in and surreptitiously playing with her nipples at the same time allowing her legs to move apart further to a point where it was obvious to the guy that she was displaying herself. Her hands moved the so as to apply the suncream further her torso and over her shaven mound which she massaged for some time. I was both transfixed but also very nervous that some other people would see so i kept looking around.

She gave me a little glance and let a finger brush her pussy lips and slip inside. I could see the guy had his hand under his body and was obviously wanking. Debs was not looking at him at all and was in her own little world so I whispered in her ear that I thought she should stop before someone else spotted what she was doing. The beach is fairly flat. Not at all like Studland with dunes. She looked at me with her pleading eyes and said please don't stop me now I am having fun. This is the point that I could and maybe should have been more firm and as it happened set the course of our life for a very long time thereafter. I relented and said what are you planning. Debs replied it will be alright and followed with 'you know i love you'.

Being a true brit I had brought the dreaded windbreaks with us but had not bothered to erect them. I thought if I create a little cocoon shape with a slot just big enough for this guy to see then Debbie would be happy and no one else would be able to see her. So this I did except I miscalculated slightly and it created a complete circle so i folder one section back to form the view, so to speak. Debs had stopped playing with herself and the guy was also more intent on watching what i was doing.

She said have you finished now, I replied just looking after your honour darling. Really she said lets see about that.

At this point she as on her back but up on her elbows I sat back down next to her and without further ado she lifted both her knees and put one hand back between her legs and started playing with herself again. Up to this point i had been so nervous that I had remained totally unaroused but the feeling of security that the windbreaks gave changed that and I soon got a nice stiffy. Well look at that she said standing to attention just for me. Ha Ha came my sarcastic reply and her immediate response was to lean over and put my cock straight in her mouth whilst still presenting her pussy to our voyeur.

This was clearly not a good position for her and she lay back down on her back face toward me so I knelt next to her a fed my cock into her mouth holding the back of her head and gently face fucking her. She was moaning slightly as she played with herself and I then noticed that the guy who had been 6' away was now kneeling in the entrance to our little encampment. I lifted and turned Debs head so she could see and she grinned broadly let my cock slip out of her mouth and said Hi why don't you come in, but please shut the door. I was too turned on to argue and the chap came in and closed the section of windbreak so unless someone came alongside they could not see inside.

He was much older than us probably late 30s or early 40s but in reasonable shape and about 7". Debbie now gave my cock her full attention with her hand and mouth but said to the guy It seems my pussy has been neglected. I expected him to use his fingers or may be some oral but in a very swift agile move he was between her legs and slid into her. I saw Debs go to put her hand on his chest to stop him as he entered her but as soon as she felt it slide in her hand tried to go around his bum and draw him in further.

I pulled away little somewhat taken aback how this was all developing and now Debbie had both arms around his neck and legs around him as he thrust in and out. I could hear his cock in the wetness of Debs pussy and she moaned and pushed her pelvis up to meet his cock. With that she looked at me and saw I was feeling left out. She stopped him by holding his hips and said lets change position. Do me doggy instead and she turned to me a said lets get in the 69 postion so I can suck you.

In another remarkably quick time Debs was over me and my cock in her mouth and my head between her legs. I tried to lick her pussy but the guy pushed into her so I had to let my head rest on the sand and watch his cock sliding in and out of her.

She kept losing concentration with my cock as I could tell she was enjoying being fucked so much but was a way of cuming. The guy was going like a steam train so i knew he wasn't going to last long and sure enough before Debs had cum he exploded into her with a very noisy series of grunts. She was still trying to use his cock but it was clear he was spent and pulled out.

The guy exited from our enclave as quickly as he'd come in and Debbie swore. She said to me finish me off quickly I am desperate but instead of letting me fuck her she took my cock in her mouth and lowered her pussy onto my face and ground her pussy lips onto mine. I had no alternative but to use my tongue as best I could. I was being smothered. She was desperate and resorted to rubbing her clit at the same time with one hand and this is what really did the trick as I could feel her pussy convulsing as she reached her orgasm.

As she came her pussy expelled globules of sticky cum straight into my mouth. I had only tasted my own in her previously. Strangely instead of being repelled it had a rather pleasant taste when mingled with Debs pussy juices. Quite different from my own. My face was a right sticky mess.

Debs had at least managed one orgasm the problem was I still had a hard on. She turned around and gave me a very passionate kiss. She said I Know I should not have but I really really enjoyed being fucked by a complete stranger especially as I never have to see him again.

We spent the next hour making love and both came twice in our little world on the beach. Whether anyone knew what went on I will never know and in any case really don't care.

We married the following June with no further adventures until remarkably shortly after the Wedding. But thats for another time