Written by jon954

22 Mar 2007

The other week I was in a bar watching the rugby on Sky when I noticed two couples at the table next to me. They were in their mid twenties, the girls really gorgeous, one in a very short mini dress and the other in an equally short skirt and low cut top. From the bits of conversation I could hear they were all up for some fun that evening. Gradually I became aware that the one girl, in the dress, would start fidgeting in her seat and going red in the face every so often, while her friend would hide her face in her hands giggling away. I thought this was strange, but continued to watch. The first girl would recover her composure after a few minutes and give her boyfriend a funny look. This happened a number of times and I was beginning to think that one of them was fingering her under the table, but all their hands were on top of it. It was then that I noticed that her boyfriend had a car remote control in his hand, and every time that the girl started wriggling in her seat he was pressing it. Then it dawned on me, she was wearing a remote control vibrator.

After a while I headed to the toilets, on emerging back into the corridor to the bar, the two girls were in the corridor snogging each other. The one with the dress had her hand in her friend’s bra, while she in turn had her hand in the others knickers. When they hear me they disengaged and laughing, fell into the Ladies.

I returned to my table and waited for the show to continue. They came back after a while, both looking flushed, smiled at me and sat down.

Quite soon I noticed that the boyfriend with the remote was playing with it again, but this time the first girl did not bat an eye, but the other, in the mini skirt, started to wriggle in her seat. So I guess that they had swapped the vibrator between them. The boy friend realised this and said “You Randy Bitches” and laughed.