Written by chris4245

6 Nov 2008

This happened to me a few years ago but resulted in us bumping in to each other last week.

I used to be a salesman travelling all over the country staying in hotels of the average 3 star. Most evenings after doing the chores of the day’s paperwork, I would end up in the hotel bar reading the paper or a book about 8 pm. As anybody can be a boring life on the road. On this occasion I was sitting in a corner having a drink, when a couple asked if the seats opposite me were taken. I was in a bit of a mood this night as my office had asked if I would call on another company on the way back the next day which I was not to chuffed about.

Anyway we started talking about the normal things and got interested in his job as a manager of a crew on night shift who repairs the motorways. His wife had come along to do some shopping in Bristol, she was the average 35/40 yr old who looked as if she kept herself in good shape and had that look of confidence. We started to buy each other drinks and Sarah was starting to show a bit of her stockings and had taken of her jacket showing of a lovely pair of breasts. During the evening I felt she was doing this on purpose as her legs started to open showing me a good view of her black & red knickers when she crossed them and started to look me in the eye while doing it. On one occasion when Dave went to the bar Sarah just came out with it and said are you enjoying the view as she opened her legs really wide. I was just about to say something when Dave got back at the table so couldn’t reply. I new she was teasing and I had a hard on that was breaking at the zip of my jeans. She new what she was doing when she got up to go to the toilet, Dave saw me watching her walk away and he just laughed. I was a bit embarrassed but just came out with it saying he was a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife. By this time we had had a few to drink and Dave was at the bar, I just said she was a tease but enjoyed the evening and said you’ve cheered my night up thanks and added it’s a good job your married or I would have taken advantage of her.

About 10.15 Dave got a call on his phone and went off it but said he would have to be picked up as he had had a drink. When he was off the phone he told me he had to go on site due to a drain being damaged and could I keep his wife company for a few hours. My cock did a jump at the thought of her teasing me for another couple of hours. Dave went off after giving his wife a kiss and looked me in the eye with a grin and a wink and said look after her. As soon as he had left Sarah uncrossed her legs and just said, so if I was not married what would you do to me. I just came out with it and said I would have given you a good seeing to in your room and make you beg for me to stop making her pussy sore. Sarah got up and went to the ladies saying I didn’t mean to be naughty, but her husband liked her to show off. When she came back her mobile rang and it was Dave asking if she was ok and then gave the phone to me which surprised me. I said hi Dave, he said just answer these questions as if it was business I said ok. He then said, Sarah been teasing you by showing her stockings off hasn’t she? I said yes it looks that way. He then said would you like to fuck her? I just said that would be great but and he stopped me short by saying, do what you want with her, I have always wanted her to go with another man and it had been one of their fantasies please make it happen take control of the situation as she likes to be told what to do and likes being taken. I just said are you sure about this? He just said do it please! I then just said ok what time will you be back and he said hours yet. And put the phone down.

I passed the phone to Sarah and said looks like he’s got a bad signal. Sarah felt a bit edge, so I asked her if she wanted another drink which she accepted, while I was getting out of my chair I leaned over her and whispered in her ear. Go to the toilets and remove your knickers, hold them in her hand until a get back to the table as I wanted a clear view of your pussy before she went to bed. She was just about to object when I said no buts and went to the bar. While waiting at the bar, I looked round to see Sarah still sitting there but using her phone, I think she was a little flustered as I think she wanted to talk to Dave, but Dave had also told me he was going to switch his phone off. She then got up and sort of stood still in a trance for a split second then moved towards the ladies. She was ages in the toilet and I thought she had slipped away to her room, but suddenly she was walking back to me. She sat opposite me and her left hand was clenched in a fist, her knuckles were white. I just said, now lets see the view? She slowly opened her legs and I said wider. Her pussy was bald and her lips were open as if she had fingered herself in the toilet. I just said very nice now hand me your knickers, the fear in her eyes that someone would see was evident. As she passed them I sniffed, they had the smell of her juices and were soaking wet. I then asked her what her room number was and said if you want to go further she had to say” I want you to fuck me” She looked away from me then took a long drink thinking of what to say. She then said that she had never been unfaithful but new her husband liked her to tease others. I just said well maybe you should be carful in the future with your teasing. She then said it had been a fantasy of her and her husbands that one day it might be come real and now I have to think. I got up and said I am going to the toilet, I want an answer when I get back. The toilets were near the lift to the rooms and when I came out she was waiting and just said I want you to fuck me.

We were in the lift going to her room and I put my hand up her skirt, her legs were shaking as the lift door opened. As we got to her door she put the card in the slot she said, I need this as my husband is not that good in bed but my husband is going to want to know what happens tonight as it’s a fantasy of ours. The door opened and as soon as it was closed I grabbed her and gave her a long kiss, her arms were around me and once the kiss was broken she whispered in my ear use me take me anyway you want. My hands was on her buttons of her top and she was just about to loosen her skirt when I stopped her and said leave it on. Once I had her bra off I squeezed her breasts and went down on her nipples to give them a good suck, she was moaning pushing her pussy into my groin, we stood like this for ages just grinding together allowing the tension to ease. Once we broke off I asked her to get on all fours on the bed and to lift her skirt over her bum. I then dived in to her pussy lapping her juices and smearing some over my face, she was just moaning and telling me she was coming. After what seems ages a got her to sit on the bed and suck my cock while I was standing, getting it out was a bit difficult but the in slapped her in the face. She just said my god this is to big I cant take this! I just said suck it now! She opened her lips and got the bell end in to her lips, I grabbed the back of her head and said open wider you tease your going to take more than that. After a while she was taking about 5 inches but was gagging. I then said right I want my first fuck of the night, she looked a bit puzzled at that comment, but said this was not going to be a quick fuck and go. You’ve been teasing me for hours so your going to fucked the same length of time. I then put her on all fours, placed my cock at the lips of her pussy and run up and down from the start of her clit to her arsehole , she just gushed and shook her head saying I don’t think I can take that. AS the word that came out of her mouth my cock slid inhalfway, I then left it there for her to get used to then grabbed her waist line of her skirt then said I am going to fuck you like a slut you are. She tensed up but I pushed my cock further getting my cock right up her cunt. Then I started to fuck her hard asking where she wanted my cum. She just said do what you want with me, I was primed to cum so shot a few in her pussy as she clenched around my cock and as the next spurt came pulled out and shot it over her arsehole. Although I had done a bit of anal in the past here I was looking at a lubricated hole and decided as she said do anything that I would take her now right now. I put my cock at the hole and she tensed up, I just slapped her arse and said relax, she didn’t say anything as I slowly got it in., there was a pop and her head came right up so grabbed her hair saying you’ve not had this before have you? she just said no. I then started to fuck her again holding her skirt as if I was doing a rodeo; she became relaxed and started to push back to me. We were both sweating and moaning when I said I was going to cum again, she said so am I come inside now. We both pushed together hard and came together shaking with exhaustion. We relaxed for about half an hour talking about what happened when her phone rang. It was Dave and as I was lying beside her I could hear what he was saying. First of all he said he was on his way back and then asked if I had looked after her. Sarah said have I got some things to tell you. Dave said has he fucked you? Sarah just said o yes and he hasn’t finished with me yet. Dave just said I wish I was there. I took the phone off her and said Dave we will wait for you and then you can watch, Sarah said how long will you be and he said 10 mins. Sarah said what Dave and her had discussed in their fantasies was for her to get fucked and for spunk to be coming from her pussy lips. As we had had a rest I said well we better not disappoint him then. I just climbed on top of her a put my cock back in, then started fucking her on her back. She raised her legs so they were above my shoulders, she just started saying yes yes use me, I am a slut and a tease, by this time I was holding her hair down on the bed as she was playing with her nipples. We again came together and landed in a heap. Suddenly the door went and in came Dave, his trousers down to his ankles waiting to fuck her.

I sat back and watch as they made love, Sarah was looking over to me mouthing thank you. This is one of the best fucks I have had for many reasons. One is coming twice at the same time, another is it was a fantasy of mine to force anal but in a playful way as I respect people and thirdly its nice to see a couple happy with there partners as to it coming up to expectations.

This was supposed to be a about us meeting again but you will have to wait for that in the next week.