Written by Sean

16 Dec 2009

Sue has always had a high sex drive, and is sexually dominant. She insisted on sex usually at least once every day. At 40 she is 12 years younger than me, attractive, slim, great legs and tits which are firm, rounded and not to large. Earlier this year things began to go wrong, I was finding it more and more difficult to get a hard on and Sue was getting more and more frustrated. The Doc couldn't find anything wrong. After a couple of months of her trying to get me erect and her masturbating she told me that if I couldn't fuck her she knew someone who could, then adding I would have to watch - It might give me some inspiration.

Before we married I knew she'd been a bit wild and in to motorcycles. She had kept in touch with some of them and on occasions she still met them and they took her out on their bikes, so I wasn't to surprised when two weeks later a couple of them turned up. We were sitting in the garden, Sue in a bikini, having drinks when they arrived on a Saturday afternoon. She greeted them both with a kiss running her hand over their leathers then went to fetch them beers. She came back a minute later, a glass in each hand. She put the drinks down, turning to me she said "I expect you realise they're here to fuck me seeing as you can't get it up". The garden is very private, not overlooked. She told them to get the leathers off, remarking that it wouldn't be the first time they'd shagged her while being watched. There was already a damp patch on pants, as they stripped naked revealing pricks which were hard, one of them being a good 8 inches, thick and heavily veined. They approached her, both stroking themselves, one had a knife in his other hand. He grabbed hold of her bikini top, cutting the straps, then sliced through the sides of the bottoms and ripped them off. She parted her legs and I could see her her lips were wet and open as he roughly pushed his fingers in her cunt, bending to take a nipple between his teeth, biting and pulling it hard. She had hold of their cocks, wanking them, looking directly at me. "Get your cock out. Lets see if anything is happening" she called tauntingly. Even though nothing was happening I was still excited watching her, enjoying the spectacle. There was no foreplay, just lust when she bent and he shoved his 8 inch prick in her mouth, and his mate rammed his cock in her cunt and started fucking her. She wanted it rough. Her hair was held, pulling her head back, opening her throat as fucked her face. Her mouth taking his thick cock as he pushed it into her throat until she gagged. She was pinching her nipples, groaning, pushing her arse back onto the cock banging her. With each thrust he slapped her bum hard, until it was bright red, his prick shining with her juices which were starting to run down her legs. The cock had slipped from her mouth she was close to orgasm telling him to give it to her harder, to fuck her cunt and cum in her to show me how a woman liked a hard cock in her. She held the table tight as she had a shuddering orgasm when she felt his cock spatter his sperm in her pussy.

She pulled the other guy to the ground, standing over his erect cock, facing me, cum dangling out of her gaping hole, leaning back, lowering her cunt onto his prick. Taking hold of it she slowly moved down, his thick cock stretching her cunt, spreading her tight hole. His prick looked massive filling her cunt as they fucked less than a yard from me. He'd grabbed her tits, mauling, pinching and pulling her nipples, her telling him to do it harder. Fingers on her clitoris, she was rubbing hard, his cock sliding easily in and out of her fuck hole. His cock slamming in and out, she screamed she was cumming as juices sprayed from her cunt as if she was pissing. He was lifting her with each lunge, poking her hard, shoving his cock deep in her body, until he to emptied his spunk in her cunt. Watching, I'd got semi hard but not enough to fuck her.

For a couple of hours they sat around drinking, until she decided she needed more. She went in the house and fetched a tube of anal lube. She knelt in front of me and told me to lube her arsehole while she sucked them both. Using my fingers I worked it in to her arse, one, two and then three fingers in her, loosening her, spreading and stretching her ready to be arsefucked. I sat to one side watching as she took a cock in her arse. She had 8 inches of stiff cock in her mouth being fucked hard taking him in her bum. He came in her and she told the other to get his prick in her arse. She was groaning as her arse stretched to take his larger cock. He stopped several times using more lube then pushing his prick deeper in her shit pit. She's taken bigger dildos in her arse and was determined to take his cock, inch by inch he spread her, opened her, then finally she had his length in her and he slowly fucked her arse. She has described being taken in the arse as exquisite when done right, tight, almost painful and she was clearly enjoying this thick cock doing her, drilling her arse. She snorted and puffed as he filled her, moving faster and harder once her hole had accepted him, bodies slapping together as he pulled out then back in making her cry out as she used her fingers on her clit. She was close to cumming, he withdrew his cock, pushing her onto her back he stood over her and wanked his prick a few times spraying her tits and face with his spunk as she came on her fingers with another juicy squirt.

Despite watching this I still wasn't hard. Sue laid on the table and spread her legs wide, using her fingers to hold her cunt open. She beckoned me over and told me to use my tongue to clean her up, starting from her arse. I lapped at her arse, licking up the cum, leaking out then moved up to her cunt, licking her open gash, holding her open, sucking the cum and juices out of her tasty pussy and drinking them down. I spent the night in a spare room listening to them fucking her and her screaming out as she had her orgasms. She called me to the bedroom in the morning and had me clean her cunt again.

This is now our sex lives, Sue brings men home to fuck her, sometimes I watch, others I listen but what I look forward to is going down on her and licking her pussy clean after she's been taken and making her cum with my tongue. Recently my cock has been getting harder again so maybe soon I'll be able to fuck her, if she'll let me.