Written by brother in law

29 Dec 2008

I am married for 7 years with my beautiful wife, it was a few years back when we were living with my sister in law (lets call her fish), at the time the sex was great but it was missing something, it is not like went we first met (I am medium build 8” cock and fairly thick on the grid, she was hot 5’ 4 with 34B 24 35 with perky tits, most of the lads would like to have theirs hand on them).

Things was cooling down, we miss allot of sex together and then she got pregnant, we were delighted but still I needed the sex cause I used to have them at least twice daily (morning & night sometime in the afternoon …… the juicy details I will relate in another story). Any way i was having trouble adjusting with the sexless life for another 8 months.

There is where fish comes in she is not as hot as my wife but she got perfect tits (she is 5’ 2, 36C 23 36), round and perky very nice in any way. I did not notice it until my wife was pregnant, as we were living together in a modest 2 bedroom apartment with bathroom joining our rooms we sometimes share the same bathroom together, I would be showering, my wife and fish would sometimes comes in an used the toilet and sometime the other way around.

Then one day I got home and as always I would be earlier then them (the work together in the same company) and that day was laundry day, so I got in my room pick up cloth and went out to wash the cloths then “SHIT….. I forgot fish’s cloths” (we share chores and do each others laundry), I went back and collect hers, then I notice her panty was lying around and I took in my hand, without knowing what I was doing I started to sniffed one of them, god it was great, the scent alone brought me to heaven and my cock is now fully erected. Then it hit me hard in the face the panty was warm, as I was turning around I saw fish looking at me with a wicked smile at her face, she just got out from the shower with a small towel around her.

“You like it don’t you, you cock” I told her it was a misunderstanding, “I was standing there when you pick up my panty” “I am going to tell Jessie about this…unless!!” “Anything just please don’t tell her ok”

“show me your cock” she wink at me, I was shock, “ I have always wanted to have a look since the time Jessie told me what a big cock you have, now come on let me see IT!!”. At that time my cock swell to its full potential and was hard as rock, I know if I did not submit to her wish she will tell Jessie (my wife). “ please don’t make me, Jessie will be coming back soon” she smile me saying she is now in the office doing some over time and wont be back for 2 to 3 hours.

My heart was racing as hell, knowing I am about to show my sister in law my pride & glory, I was both very excited and the same time. “Here goes, you promise not to tell her?” “I will keep my promise as long as you show it to me”

As I pull clear and drop my pants, she sat on the edge of the bed and started to pull my hips towards her, now my cock was inches from her face. She was a great tease, she started to blow air from her mouth to every corner of my rock hard cock without touching it, then slowly liking the knob which now have allot of pre cum on the surface, all the while she was doing this she is looking straight at me like a tigress devouring her prey.

“Happy??” she asked. I could not answer her that question. “Come and lick my nipple” she told me. I was like puppy following her every command, I took off her towel I gasp a bit and I think she heard that because I heard her giggle a loud.

I start from left to right, both her nipples was now erected, it was like dreaming the gasping sound she are making are now loader, and she starts to moans.

Her hand was holding my hand and are pushing it downwards “ah….ahhh...Lick…my pussy…ah” which I was happy to oblige. Her pussy was smooth by the lubricant she herself produced. I ate her until she orgasm and shoot out some liquid which now covered my face. “Happy??” I ask of her. “No…not…yet” then she push me onto her bed. “I hope you going to enjoy as I did” winking at me again.

She is now giving me a blow job, she was an expert, licking, sucking and coupling “I am coming ….ah” but it seems to hasten her action, I blow my load into her mouth, to my surprise she had swallow all of it only left some tinkling down her lips.

She kept on sucking until I was hard again, she crawled until she reaches my ears and said “…I want you to fuck me….fuck me hard….like you did Jessie”. I got up and her ass was facing me, without wasting time I took her from behind which left her moaning. I was inching into her slowly “You….are …one tight ….bitch” I told her. Her moaning was getting loader and loader; by the time my whole cock was in her moaned the loudest, it seems she had orgasms again.

“I am not finish you bitch” I told her “oh baby ...I like it …when talk dirty to me ...just like each time…you....you are fucking Jessie” “ come ….fuck me …..Hhhhharder” we change position and was riding me like a wild beast. Then I took rule back and was pounding her like nothing there is no tomorrow, “oh baby ...baby ….fuck...Fuck me….ah…ah” I empty my load again but this time inside her tight pussy. I was exhausted and fell onto her, she too fell the same and was hugging me.

Minutes later we were back on our feet, I was ashamed of what I have done. “Don’t be sorry, I wanted it too, I think it is better than last time, I enjoy it more this time” again she was winking at me. Fuck she remember that time I took advantage of her while she was drunk.

That my friend I will relate later