Written by Spikes1

21 Nov 2012

Some time ago I wrote about my oh so respectable wife's secret desire to feel her glorious tit's covered in hot, sticky cum and subsequently about the way that a lucky room service waiter, whose name we never knew, got to be the first (other than me) to fulfil this little fantasy after having his cock expertly sucked. While I wouldn't exactly say that this experience has turned her into quite the wanton cock hungry slut that some experiences here seem to produce, it has certainly developed an even greater appreciation for the joys of cum than she had before. Somewhat at my prompting she has begun to wear her skirts a little bit shorter and her heels a touch higher in circumstances where before, she may have been more conservative and the waiter's deposit has been joined by a few more. Probably my favourite experience was seeing her play the slut in a bar, dressed to kill in a fabulously silky white shirt, unbuttoned just enough and a figure hugging pencil skirt teamed with black seamed stockings and six inch spike heels. She attracted plenty of attention that evening which ultimately resulted in our hotel room playing host to one more guest than had checked in with us. The pleasure of feeling your own rock hard cock being greedily sucked by your lovely wife's beautifully painted lips whilst enjoying the sight of a young man that you had met but a couple of hours before energetically pounding his equally engorged shaft into her dripping pussy is indescribable. When the object of your love and lust looked a fantastic as she did in her sexy, cupless basque, with her big tits and almost painfully erect nipples bouncing with every thrust from either end it is like you have suddenly been transported into the middle of the hottest porn film you have ever seen. As I observed previously, nobody who knows my wife as a terribly prim and respectable lady would have believed this scene could happen and when she forcefully demanded that our new friend give her all his 'lovely hot spunk' on her tits and then directed me to 'fill her cunt with mine' it was lie a wet dream.