Written by Spikes

2 Jun 2013

It has been quite some time, but some of you may recall my previous tales of an oh so respectable wife, with a not so respectable love of cock and cum. Well, in the intervening period she is no less prim and proper in her day to day life, and I'm pleased to say, no less cock hungry when the lights are turned down. We have had a number of adventures but this is the story of one of my favourites, as it was the realisation of one of er longest held fantasies.

In a previous story I wrote about the two young lads that we had 'entertained' in our hotel room, and I must confess that they have become rather more regular friends of my wife and I. On the particular night about which this story refers we had contacted our friend to arrange for him to meet us at the same hotel, but this time there were some very specific rules and requirements. Firstly my wife decreed that he should be accompanied by three friends (he knew her type by now) and secondly mine was the only cock she was going to be sitting on that night, all of the rest were the to be sucked and to cover her with as much of their hot sticky cum as they could muster. I wasn't sure if this would prove to be such an appealing proposition for our companion or his mates but, sure enough, he readily agreed and told us that after the stories he had been telling them about the married slut he had been servicing, there would be no shortage of volunteers.

This was all arranged on the Monday evening for the following Friday night and I can tell you that my wife was like a cat on hot bricks for the rest if the week (not that I was complaining) but eventually the fateful evening arrived. We drove up to the hotel after work on Friday and she quickly retired to the bathroom with a glass of Champagne to relax and prepare for the fun ahead. Her attire for the evening (she is very much the kind of gal who dresses for sex) was, as always, a closely guarded secret, as we both see this as part of the pleasure. My God, when she emerged from the bathroom was it a pleasure. I think it speaks volumes for our relationship that after more years than I care to mention together, she never fails to take my breath away when she steps out in full costume. And, in this instance costume is exactly the right word as she was dressed in a PVC French Maid's outfit that accentuated every one of her fabulous curves. She had teamed this with a pair of seamed fishnet stockings and an impossibly high pair of at least six inch shiny black stilettos. She looked absolutely jaw droppingly sexy and to say that I was instantly hard is an understatement. I could have stood and gawped at her all night and not been disappointed with my evening but just then the knock at out hotel room door broke my lustful trance, our guests were here, game on...