Written by Spikes

2 Jun 2013

As soon as I opened the door to our four guests I could see she wanted to waste no time on formality and pleasantries. I had never seen her quite so focused on what she wanted as she was that night. All four of the lads who entered our room were clearly as entranced by my hot slut wife as she stood before them as I had been moments before and she was clearly just as pleased with the five noticeable bulges that were rapidly appearing in all of our trousers. Within minutes she had begun working her way down the line of admirers, slipping her tongue into their mouths and allowing their hands to wander all over her gorgeous body. Hand after hand caressed her big tits as they strained to be released from the skin tight PVC that held them captive and almost in a blur countless fingers found their way to her dripping pussy. She was already starting to feel the build up of a first orgasm as she commanded all of us to lose our clothes and get our cocks out for her.

We had talked through this particular fantasy so many times that I knew my role perfectly, so I guided her over to the bed and pushed her down on all fours and quickly slid my rock hard shaft into her soaking wet, pulsating cunt. Slowly I began to fuck her as she roughly told the other four men in the room to 'get over here' and give her their cocks to suck. They did not need telling twice and almost desperately they arranged themselves in front of her as she greedily moved her painted red lips from cock to cock, slurping at them like a starving woman who had just been presented with a banquet. The view from my vantage point, pounding away at the love of my life's pussy, and watching her devour four men's engorged cocks was incredible, and it was all I could do not to blow my load within seconds. Luckily my resolve held firm and I was able to savour the glorious vision of my wife one by one feeling the tell tale twitch of each respective lover's shaft and prising it from her lips long enough to milk every last drop of spunk onto her tits, her neck, her lips. Eventually I too made my offering, pumping what felt like gallons of my own cream into her spasming pussy as she rubbed and massaged our guests cum into her rock hard nipples, screaming in joyous orgasm for me to fill her 'slutty cunt' with my love juice and telling our new friends how much she 'loved their hot spunk'. Shortly afterwards she collapsed onto the bed beneath me and I slumped back marvelling at the sight before me. There was the most respectable, elegant woman I (and most other people) knew collapsed on a hotel bed clad in fishnet stocking, six inch spike heels and a PVC costume that I can only describe as most men's idea of slut heaven, absolutely covered in the spunk of five men, four of whom were busily getting their clothes back on to leave, gently sighing through the comedown from the countless orgasms she had just enjoyed. What would the neighbours say?