Written by Spikes

23 Aug 2012

I apologise if this rather tame by the usual standards of this site. My wife is a beautiful. respectable woman whom I love beyond all measure. In fact, she is so prim and proper that pretty much everyone assumes that she is very naive and innocent. Perhaps in many ways they are right, but what they don't know is that beneath her ladylike exterior there is nothing she enjoys more than to caress a hard, throbbing cock between her painted red lips and then feel the hot splash of cum coating her tits as she slowly massages it into her erect nipples. Once this little appetiser has been slowly and sensually enjoyed she loves to bend over in her best seamed stockings and six inch stiletto heels and plead to be fucked hard and fast, using language that would never normally pass her lips. Up until now the cum that she has taken so much pleasure in coating her big tits with has always been mine but she has in her own subtle ways intimated that having another man service that particular desire while I work on the latter part of the scenario is something that she would very much enjoy.