Written by spikes

6 Sep 2012

A while ago I shared the details of my very respectable wife's secret desires and a few people asked that I post any updates on what happened next. Well, as a man of my word, here's what you were asking for.

My lovely wife is terribly respectable, so much so that everybody assumes that she is something of an innocent, certainly not the type to enjoy having her beautiful big tits bathed in cum and most definitely not the kind of girl who would enjoy riding a big, hard cock while doing so. The strange thing is, that scenario has played a big part in our bedroom fantasies for a while now and recently she had begun to indicate that she might enjoy making them more than just fantasy. After much discussion we decided to take it slowly and have a weekend away at a hotel in town during which we could explore the possibilities of me enjoying watching her, dressed to kill and doing a little gentle teasing before we adjourned to the privacy of our bedroom. This was the plan, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men!

After we arrived at the hotel and checked in it was late afternoon so I ran her a bath and poured her a glass of bubbly from a bottle that I had surreptitiously packed in my bag and told her to relax and then get ready for a night out. What actually happened was that she took a long bath and enjoyed her bubbly so much that she was much more in the mood for a night in. Anyway, who was I to complain when she finally emerged some time later completely refreshed and dressed in an outfit that I had definitely not seen before. My chin almost hit the floor when I saw her. There she was standing in the doorway wearing a black and red basque that accentuated every inch of her gorgeous curves and supported her fantastic breasts just enough while framing them in lace quarter cups. My eyes lingered down her body, taking in her legs that seemed to go on for ever in black seamed stockings and impossibly high shiny stilleto heels. I was completely under her spell and from the smile on her face I think it was pretty clear that she knew it. I almost ran across the room and in seconds my tounge was caressing her rock hard nipples and my hand were roaming all over her fabulous body. I gently guided her over to the sofa in corner of the room, laid her down and began to undo my belt when suddenly there was a knock at the door. Damn, I had completely forgotten that I had called down for room service when she was in the bathroom. 'hang on, I'll get rid of them' I hurriedly said and rushed to the door wanting the waiter to give me the tray and disappear pronto. This, however was a room service waiter in a five star hotel and he was not going to be disappearing until he had wheeled in his little trolley, made a show of whipping off the domed lid covering his cargo and presumably been given a tip. I don't imagine the sight of my wife in a state of high arousal draped invitingly across the suite's sofa in an outfit that could best be described as most men's wet dream was quite the tip he was expecting, but that was exactly what he got. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her and, as arousing as the idea of a stranger getting hard (as he quite visibly was) from looking at her was, I was quickly braced for the explosion of mood shattering embarrassment that was about to ruin our evening. I don't know if it was the champagne, or simply that I had nibbled and sucked her tits so well that she was too turned on to care, but the expected eruption never came. In fact she seemed to relax back a little more and then almost blew my mind when she slowly moved her hands up and began to caress and pinch her own nipples.

Sorry to leave you hanging but I really have to go, I will try to finish this a little bit later.