Written by mb

26 Jul 2009

Late for the Major, otherwise I'd have been sure to join the truckers who had watched my antics with Polish bald guy. They were waving me over towards their truck, but I simply didn't have time for a spit roast, maybe later I wondered.

Slightly dishevelled, I hurried into the cheap motorway service hotel, straight to the room he'd booked. He'd left the door unlocked and I walked in to see him naked on the edge of the bed, pulling on his cock, in anticipation.

I shut the door, walked towards his lovely erect cock, knelt and let him feed it into my lips. He asked where his dirty bitch had been and in between sucking his cock, I explained that I'd let a Polish guy fill my cunt. The Major stiffened in excitement, pushing my head deeper onto his cock. His balls swinging, heavy and full. He pulled my dress over my head and unhooked my bra, reaching down to play with my big tits.

I asked if he wanted to lick me clean, he laid me on my back and started to lick on my wet pussy, gingerly at first, knowing he was tasting my cream mixed with polish spunk. He soon got into it and was slurping on my clit, fingering my arsehole and cunt.

Remember this guy has a good beard, and I love the feeling of beard on my skin and pussy. The way cunt cream sticks to his beard. His cock, hard and keen, rubbed against me, I knew he wouldn't resist much longer.

He rolled me onto my front and parted my cheeks. His cock was nestled against my hole, pushing gently at first then a hard jolt into my arse. I moaned in pain, whilst the Major slowly bucked his cock into the depths of my arse, stretching me, telling me how he needed my arse, needed to fill me, needed to have me.

I'm a good 20 years younger than this guy, I'm athletic, curvy and flexible. This guy is portly, his expanding girth resting on my lower back as he pumps my arse. He's taking me to orgasm with his stokes, my arse starts to pulse on his cock as I moan, and he unloads with a deep grunt.

I'm his. His dirty youngster.

But I still want more spunk, I'm wondering if those truckers are still there, waiting for their turn with me. As the Major lay recovering, his cock shrivelled, I dressed and headed for the door. Outside, yes thank goodness, they are still there and light up like a christmas tree when they see me approaching their truck. Have I got the stamina for 2 more cocks???