Written by Funky

9 Jul 2015

well it had been a few weeks since i had seen my lover due to her having to move away from the area for a bit.

However.....we finally got to arrange a date and i took a secret day off from work.

It started from the minute she got in the car....i made sure that as it was a hot day that i was only wearing shorts and a vest top , she got it wearing a short black summer dress.

As i started to drive back to mine her hand went on my leg, raising it up and into my shorts she soon discovered that i wasnt wearing boxers and she started to stroke my already throbbing cock...."i'm not letting go of this cock till we get to yours" she said as i hitched my shorts legs up to give her better access.

my hand slipped from the gear stick and raised here dress up exposing her black panties that as soon as i touched were damp in the excitement. pressing against them teasing her clit a gentle moan was let out as she grabbed my cock a little harder.

as driving along i pulled the seat belt of hers to make it a little slack....grabbing her head encouraging her to get lower, finding my cock now fully exposed she lent down and started to tease my now thick throbbing head. Getting my cock sucked as i was driving felt amazing!

As we got closer to mine she pulled back up but my cock still remained in her hand until we parked up, made ourselves look a bit more normal. getting out and quickly making our way into mine.

No sooner had we got in it went crazy, bag being dropped and the kissing begin as we stripped each other....no i had already got a few things set up ready for when we got back, Blindfolding her with a scarf and taking out the handcuffs i cuffed her to the stairs as they have bars running up them. I slide my cock through the bars and fucking her mouth whilst grabbing her hair feeling the spit all over my hardness.

i moved back down the stairs leaving her cuffed to them and with her not knowing what to expect next, with my know on my knees behind her, teasing her wet shaven cunt with my tongue and moving it to her arse as she pushed out wanting more as my fingers slipped inside her, my fingers soaked from the excitement, as my other hand pulled the anal beads from the hiding place. Teasing her arse with the mix of her juices and my spit i started to slip the beads in, the moan of pleasure and shock escaped her as the beads went in deeper.

Standing up behind and getting fucking her with the anal beads as she pushed back for, my cock hard i slipped it deep into yer soaking cunt as she came for the 1st time around me but not letting up feeling the beads against my shaft with every thrust inside her. Not wanting to cum myself i stop and eased out but getting myself beneath her so i could get a taste of her cum. As she lowered a little my tongue was now licking on her throbbing clit as my fingers worked inside her already red lips, working her hard my fingers fucking her deeper and pulling on the anal beads too i knew what was coming.

Her body shaking and tightening around my fingers the explosion of cum squirted out of her and all over my body beneath her....she knows this turns me on even more and i wouldnt stop as my fingers fucked her harder wanting more of her juices over me.

I got up and released the handcuffs but not removing the scarf, leading her to the lounge and laying her on the big footstool my mouth returning to her clit just for a little longer....."fuck me already" were the words she was saying and without hesitation i spread her legs wide and filled her in 1 deep thrust filling her cunt with my 8" inches as she moaned out "ohhhh Fuck that feels sooo good"

I reached up undoing the scarf and letting her watch as my cock glide into her over and over again, reaching down with my mouth and pulling on here fully erect and hard nipples as she moaned out that she was cumming again. Feeling her pussy tighten and suck on my cock i teased by just pushing deeply and holding inside her as the orgasm shoot through her body and soaked my cock.

Pulling her up and bending her over, we had forgot about the anal beads deep in her arse, as we started to fuck doggy style i was pulling and fucking her arse with the beads, the sweat between us working up, grinding deeper into her as she moaned out how good it felt after all this time again.

We returned to her laying on the sofa with the glint of darkness in her eyes she said "You know what I want....."

Gliding back into her open wetness her legs wrapping around me....."fuck me harder" with this i did, fucking deeper and harder just how she liked it....reaching beneath here grabbing the beads and using them on her arse as the moans between us got even louder. the feeling of her body tightening around my cock again and with me being so close i wasnt about to stop this time.....

Pulling on the anal beads right out as she let out a deep scream of her cumming again and her pussy sucking on my cock i exploded deep within her cunt as her nails dug into my back.

we lay there for a little while still inside her....."God ive missed that" she said whilst kissing and letting our bodies relax......