Written by Redbullx

16 Mar 2015

A very wild two days. 3 including the one we shared the night before. Maybe this should read into 3 stories...

Our usual trip to Benidorm led us to the old town cinema where my husband and I (my CUC hold bitch) have previously shared my size 10-12 golden glow body with the Spanish residents.

They're not particular and would invite most woman or man contact and as usual, I was the only female in the cinema.

The screens played pawn of various types to suit each individual, man/woman man/man and mixed three somes.

I had previously played in the dark corridors alone while hubby was outside waiting. Today I felt the pleasure would be more exciting for my cuc to walk me in through the velvet curtain leading me to my pleasure drone.

I felt I was leading the way with him close behind, dipping my head in and out the rooms I suddenly slipped into my own fearless zone and teased the man sat wanking his shaft while sat along watching Porn. Turning to the next curtain I bobbed my head inside and a lonely Spanish man sat fumbling his ready to release cock which was clearly fighting the tight Cotten thread of his trousers. Instantly I realised I was stood alone. How dare my cuc leave me. I approached the dark maze to find him stood watching two young men wanking. I felt his cock to find he was solid; whispering in his ear I softly said "how dare you leave me! I brought you in here and now you will be my cuc bitch. I will make you watch me have fun"

I swiftly pushed by him briefly hearing his faint apology as I reached for both cocks. One In each hand I began wanking them listening to the groans of excitement.

I took the full girth of his cock inside my mouth and began seductively sucking on his cock, turning to the next I equally took him in my mouth. Ive watched porn previously where a woman was on her knees sucking both men: I was living the dream. I placed the 1st males hand on the the other guys cock to allow him to wank him while I wanked his cock and turned sideways to suck my cucs throbbing cock. More men walked through the dark corridors, I was feeling quite clostrophobic and suggested we move to a room to watch a little porn while I played with myself.

We sat down and instantly an older man joined my side. His trousers came off and he watched me as he stoked his cock. Reaching over to touch me I declined but soon changed my mind when I placed my mouth around his small but very thick cock.

Cuc was enjoying himself watching his sexy wife pleasure the old man. His cock was rock hard and was being wanked by another man.

Cuc hold sissy bitch.

The room was beginning to fill and there wasn't much room. Taking a quick toilet break I insisted that cuc came with me. We went into a different room on our return and was joined by a younger Spanish man. He instantly got on his knees and began kissing and sucking my sticky wet pussy. I began kissing hubby while my Spanish mans tongue deepened inside me, gently sucking in and around my big cunt I began grinding my hole in his face as I released my orgasm.

The old guy returned and beckoned me to fuck him. I sucked his cock again while hubby stood watching. I felt it was time to share cock with hubby, "get down here and share his cock with me! Lick his balls"

He sucked my Spanish Bulls cock and balls,

I lay down on the sofa while hubby was instructed to hand the old guy a condom!

"Fuck me"

His small but thick cock filled my hole. Hubby took several photos of his balls pushing up against my arse. He was having the time of his life. It felt amazing as he kissed me, his tongue exploring my mouth, soft and passionate. Cuc had passed me four condoms over a period of 2 hours. My bull had constantly fucked me and in between my Cuc had cleaned his Spanish cock ready for my next play.

I had noticed hubby's facial expression change as he stood watching bull pound my hole, behind him a young Spanish guy had been touching cucs arse and playing with his cock. Hubby looked into my eyes and whispered "he's sucking my arse hole" the lucky boy! Again he looked strangely at me. "He's now massaging my prostrate! Oh my god this feels amazing"

Bull was kissing me so passionately; when cuc looked over his soft puppy dog eyes could see that I was thoroughly enjoying every moment of being touched, kissed, licked and fucked. I looked at hubby clarifying that my Spanish bull had an amazing kiss. "He kisses much better than you!"

I let cuc clean up my old Bull for the last time; "please can I fuck you now?" Bull nodded which I acknowledged that he'd finished playing with me. Cuc climbed on and fucked me hard reclaiming his wife as he shot his sperm leaving me literally fucked and dripping wet.

It was time to go. We stood in the front of the shop chatting for a while whilst the manager interpreted the old Spanish guys thoughts.

I still can't believe he fucked me for two hours.

My taste for Spanish fun had started. Hubby says I'm greedy: but I wanted more. I wanted a younger Spanish cock and I was on the look for one!